Young Chicago Rapper Travels The City Feed Homeless & Put Money In Their Pockets

Posted On : 10/13/2018
Young Man Helps Homeless Eat And Puts Money In Their Pockets
Photo via CDot Honcho / Instagram.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Amid all the drama happening in the Windy City, it’s good to see people also spreading this kind of positive message for the public to see.


It seems like every day, you catch a headline depicting another murder in Chicago — senseless violence running rampant in the streets. It’s gotten to the point where people, feeling as though the situation won’t get better, have started tuning out “Chicago” stories because the “same ol’, same ol'” continues happening.

Even if that continuation is youths being murdered… and that’s completely saddening.

Yet, here’s a glimmer of hope.

He goes by the name “CDot Honcho,” a rapper from the area. According to his Instagram profile, on October 11, the young man took to the streets to help out those in need — offering a meal and some cash for the homeless.

“When you triple blessed I feel like this mandatory!! #LoveInAction #MyStyle #ExtendingBlessing ❤️💯”

Boxes on boxes, Honcho blessed several families. You could hear the gratitude in their voices as they called for others to race over.

“We need it!” one woman repeatedly yelled to someone in the distance. Among the commotion, you heard various “thank you”s as well.

As seen from Honcho’s video, each person received a box of food from Popeye’s — and attached to each box was also a $10 bill.

If you’re interested in the footage, you can check it out below.


Even if you’re doing the best of acts, there’s going to be someone pointing out its “flaws.” According to many comments, Honcho’s act of kindness would’ve been better served if he hadn’t recorded it.

These commentators feel as though he only did this deed to accumulate “likes” and “shares” — doing it for the attention, rather than being genuine about it.

Well, honestly, how can the message spread — showing the ability and blueprint to do good in a world constantly showing dismay and turmoil — unless it’s recorded and displayed for others to see?

Especially, this is the case for the upcoming youth of the world who stay glued to their phones 24/7. If they never see it, realistically, is it something they’ll think to do? Kids mimic what they see.

And too…

So what, if he gains likes, shares, and followers from his act. Matter of fact, here’s a plug.

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What’s Yo Favorite Track So Far?? #H4OutNow ❗️

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Do you think the recipients of those meals and the cash gave a f**k about whether his Instagram is popping or not? No. They were just happy to get some help.

And Honcho was happy to help them.

Such trivial perspectives are crazy. Those commenting with all the negativity are probably the ones who pass by homeless people on the street, as if they’re invisible. Talk is cheap. Let’s see some action.

Great work, Honcho. Keep it up!

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[Featured Photo via Honcho / Instagram]

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