Viral Video Shows Young Girl Disrespecting Older Woman, But Gets Seriously Embarrassed

Posted On : 10/14/2017

Oh boy! This young girl finds out the hard way not to judge a book by its cover. She starts off talking trash but ends up getting swept off the sidewalk.

MESSAGE OF THE DAY: Respect your elders. (‘Cause they might just turn you into a “bobble head.”)

While inside a restaurant, the viral video starts in the middle of an argument between a young lady and “Smoke” (the older woman).

***First of all, why would you challenge someone nicknamed “Smoke” anyway?***


Well, Smoke sweeps the area as the young woman talks noise.

Smoke is trying EXTRA hard to mind her business and keep sweeping. But it's just not working out.
Smoke is trying EXTRA hard to “keep swimming.” But it’s just not working out.

Threat after threat, “and I promise you…I’mma go dawg,” the woman rants.

Even after the older woman pleads with the young girl by saying, “I don’t even know you,” she persists in her verbal onslaught.

Eventually though, Smoke gets tired of the nonsense and simply tells her to come outside if she wants to do everything she says during her trash talk.

The older woman doesn’t even check for response; she just walks outside and waits.

***Really, that should be indicator NO.1 to shut the hell up…but no.***

Full of talk, the young woman continues her rant — talking about she’ll choke her out yet, suddenly, decides to give her a “pass.” However, after the cameraman gasses her up, she finally goes outside.

Smoke is literally weaving in the street while waiting... SHOULD'VE BEEN INDICATOR NO.2!
Smoke is literally weaving in the street while waiting… SHOULD’VE BEEN INDICATOR NO.2!

ALL THE WAY READY, the older woman walks up on her. Of course, the young girl immediately steps back into the restaurant — ridiculing Smoke and saying “she looks like she got something (disease).”


Essentially, the young woman only had verbal assault in her repertoire. After a few minutes of hearing her constantly run her mouth, Smoke takes a swing.

Unfortunately for the young woman, she get to do NONE/ABSOLUTE ZERO of what she said in the restaurant. All she does is find out why Smoke has that particular nickname.

KNOW she's embarrassed. Smh.
KNOW she’s embarrassed. Smh.

After all is said and done, the young woman is laid out on the sidewalk before she realizes she’s still on Earth.


WARNING: The following video contains graphic material and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sadly, she still didn’t learn her lesson — continuing to talk after making sweet love to the sidewalk.

To be honest, it’s almost as if she triggered something in Smoke because she wanted to keep going. The young woman might have ended up in the hospital had they not kept her off.

However, all in all, we’d love to know your thoughts about this life lesson. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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