Yeezy Model Arrested For Spending Thousands Of Dollars Using A Dead Man’s Info

Posted On : 07/12/2018

Shannade Clermont is one-half of the Instagram famous Clermont Twins along with her sister Shannon. The Clermont twins were once cast members on the reality show, The Bad Girl’s Club. The Instagram models and socialites also served as models for Kanye West’s clothing line and even posed as Kim Kardashian clones. They even debuted their own fashion line as the sisters were on their way to the top. In the midst of their success, Shannade Clermont was arrested as she has been accused of spending thousands of dollars from a dead man’s debit card.

‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Charged Thousands After Allegedly Stealing A Debit Card Info From A Dead Man:

For the first time in a long time, the Clermont Twins could possibly be separated. Shannade Clermont, one-half of the Instagram famous Clermont Twins along with her sister Shannon, was arrested on Wednesday as she is facing some serious charges. According to the NY Daily News,  Shannade Clermont visited James Alesi, a successful realtor, the evening before he was found dead from a drug overdose. Federal prosecutors claim Clermont visited Alesi at his apartment for a “prostitution date”. While visiting Alesi, police officers believe that Shannade Clermont allegedly pocketed debit card data from him and then used that data to make several high end purchases.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman told NY Daily News that Shannade Clermont is a bad girl in real life.

Clermont stole the information for two debit cards of the victim, found in his wallet in the victim apartment, and used that stolen debit card information for, among things, payments of her rent and phone bills, flight purchases and several online purchases of thousands of dollars of clothing and other merchandise, Berman said in a statement.

Shannade Clermont, 24, was charged with wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft, the attorney’s office said in the release. Before her case was called, Shannade Clermont turned to her twin sister, Shannon, in the courtroom and whispered, “Sorry” as both women began to cry. It’s important to note that Shannade Clermont is not facing any charges in the Alesi’s death. Currently, the model has been released on bond and if convicted, she could spend up to 37 years in federal lockup.

Shannade Clermont allegedly stole the debit card information from James Alesi.

Who Are The Clermont Twins?

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, who are also known as the Clermont Twins, have become famous for their racy Instagram photos as they have 830,000 Instagram followers. The sisters were once featured on The Bad Girl’s Club in 2015 as they exemplified glamour. With no management, publicist, or agent, they’ve done everything on their own, carving out their own niche, and capturing the attention of Kanye West. Shannade and her twin Shannon were both featured in West’s Yeezy season 6 campaign and posed as his wife, Kim Kardashian, in several designs she had previously been photographed in. They were a part of Yeezy again for the rapper’s NSFW Supermoon campaign in June in which they again posed as Kardashian West lookalikes but this time were near-nude.


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The sisters are from Atlanta, Georgia and they claim they were famous way before they were featured on The Bad Girl’s Club. In an interview with Paper magazine, the twin socialites shared that they began modeling at the age of 14. While their parents wanted them to focus on school, the Clermont twins had dreams of being famous.

 I remember sitting our parents down and telling them we were about to do everything we could, Shannon said to Paper Magazine. Everyone would say we should be in catalogs and movies but our parents were really scared about that. We had done little shows with our aunt and smaller things for family friends, but they wanted us to take school seriously. But at 14, everything just clicked. Our grades were good and that was all our parents really wanted. In Georgia you can get your permit really young and when we got that, it felt like now or never. We started going after everything — acting, modeling, competitions. We didn’t want to be in a box.

Incredibly close, the Clermont twins have done everything together but it appears that Shannade could be looking at some jail time. To keep their fame going, Shannon may have to hit the scene solo for a while as her sister may be in prison for a long time.

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