WTH… Principal Facing Charges For Physical Assault Of 7Yr Old

Posted On : 04/20/2017


Machael Spencer-Edwards, principal of PS 202 in East New York, was charged with assaulting student Hasheem Welch, 7.
Machael Spencer-Edwards, principal of PS 202 in East New York, was charged with assaulting student Hasheem Welch, 7.

The parents of a 7-year-old boy are calling for the serious charges to be brought against a former Brooklyn, NY principal after he reportedly assaulted the boy. Now, Machael Spencer-Edwards is making headlines and facing serious repercussions over an incident that was blown completely out of proportion.

The Lunchroom Incident:

On March 13, Hasheem Welch was seen running around the lunchroom at Public School 202 in East New York. The child was reportedly wearing a “banned hoodie and “hitting staffers,” sources said according to The GrioWelch, who has reportedly had behavioral problems for quite some time, was diagnosed with ADHD three months ago. But, when Welch was spotted by Edwards, the situation went from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Edwards allegedly dragged the boy out of the lunchroom and forced him to the ground but the incident didn’t stop there. Once the 6-foot-3, 175-pound principal subdued the child, he allegedly punched and kicked the second grader, prosecutors said.

Outraged Parents:

Needless to say, Welch’s mother, Shema McKenzie, was completely outraged when her son came home. She took a look at him and noticed his face was swollen and he had bruises on his body. Shortly after the incident occurred, McKenzie sought answers from her son and she was shocked to learn his injuries weren’t the result of a schoolyard fight you’d commonly see among children his age.

During a recent news interview, Welch recounted what he suffered at the hands of Edwards. “He smacked me. He told me he knocked kids out. I wanted to call my mom, but they didn’t let me,” Hasheem told DNAinfo New York at his home on Wednesday. “He hit me hard and I was crying,” Hasheem said.

McKenzie believes Edwards should suffer consequences for his actions. “I feel like (Spencer-Edwards) needs to be put away,” the boy’s mother, Shema McKenzie, told the Daily News. “I sent my son to school to learn. I didn’t send my son to get beat up by an adult, especially by the principal who’s supposed to be caring for these children.”

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The Arrest:

After a month-long investigation, Edwards was arrested and charged in Brooklyn Criminal Court with a string of charges including misdemeanor assault and endangering the welfare of a child. He has also been terminated from Public School 202 where he earned approximately $130,000. “This alleged behavior is deeply disturbing, and has no place in our schools,” Aciman said. “We are providing additional guidance and ongoing support fo the school community,” he added.

Although Edwards denies the allegations, Welch’s parents, the school’s superintendent and local prosecutors aren’t convinced. Welch was taken to Brookdale Hospital where doctors also confirmed the boy had been assaulted. “He said he didn’t do it, and he said he wouldn’t ever do anything like that because he has a 7-year-old son himself,” McKenzie said. “Now I got the justice I was looking for . . . . Mr. Edwards does not deserve to work with children.”

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