WTH…Man Kills Girlfriend’s Infant Son By Repeatedly Dunking Him In Toilet

Posted On : 04/23/2018

A Freeport, Texas man has been sentenced for the horrific death of his girlfriend’s infant son. According to People magazine, Antoine Allen Gorman is being held responsible for 2016 death of 7-week-old Malachi Nelson. It has been reported that the child died as a result of drowning, but his drowning wasn’t exactly what you’d expect.

Dunked In A Toilet:

On that fateful day in November of 2016, 27-year-old Gorman – who was also living under the alias Luther Antoine Jefferson – was reportedly babysitting the infant and his girlfriend Tashiay Nelson’s other two children while she went to work. At some point during the day, Gorman left the home without notice. A relative explained how Nelson had questioned Gorman revealing he never returned after abandoning the children. “She called him on the phone and said why’d you leave my kids at home by themselves? He said ‘I didn’t I walked to the store but I’ll be right there,’ but he never showed up,” a relative said to Click2Houston.

When Nelson returned home, her son appeared to be asleep. At the time, she had no idea he was actually unconscious. “He was in a bouncer,” Nelson said. “So, I thought he was asleep. I went to my sister’s house and I was trying to wake him up to play with him. He wouldn’t wake up or nothing.”

The child was taken to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Needless to say, Nelson was absolutely devastated about the tragic series of events that had taken place. “He was a happy little baby.” she said through tears. “He was handsome and everything. I couldn’t sleep or eat. I can’t do it without my kids.” She added, “I didn’t know that was my last day seeing my baby,” she said.

It took three days for police to locate Gorman but he was ultimately arrested by the Freeport Police Department on three counts of Abandoning or Endangering a Child. After his arrest, he gave a chilling confession about what really happened to Malachi. According to BET, Gorman repeatedly dunked the baby in the toilet to stop him from crying. He said that he held the baby by his foot and dunked him underwater in the toilet 2 or 3 times. Sadly, Nelson’s daughter also suffered trauma because she witnessed the heinous act and ultimately the murder of her baby brother. After the baby’s autopsy results were released, the charges were upgraded to murder. Gorman’s interview with investigators was also played in court.

No Remorse For Taking A Life:

While many people express remorse for repulsive actions like Gorman’s, he reportedly showed absolutely no remorse despite being on trial for murder. According to ABC-13, Nelson – Gorman’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of the deceased child – detailed his callous actions. “I hate him and I hope he rots in hell,” said Tashiay Nelson, the mother of Malachi Nelson. “He was shooting the finger at us the whole time. Looking back at us, laughing, playing with his hair the whole time. Being disrespectful. He wasn’t showing no remorse or nothing,” she said.

The Sentencing:

On Friday, April 20, Gorman was sentenced to life in prison. He will not be eligible for parole for “at least 30 years,” according to several reports. “Today, defendant Antoine Gorman was sentenced to life in prison for the November 2016 death of 7-week-old Baby Malachi Nelson. We are proud of all parties involved, police, fire-EMS, dispatch, BSCO, district attorney’s office and witnesses, who all assisted in bringing justice to Baby Malachi and his family. Prayers to the family!” the statement read.

Needless to say, the Nelson family couldn’t be more relieved. “I hate him and I hope he rots in hell.”

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