WTH…Bible-Quoting, 68-Year-Old Man Sexually Battered 8-Year-Old, Blames Victim

Posted On : 05/19/2017


Disturbing details about the sexual battering of an 8-year-old have emerged and not only was the child abused, her offender has actually justified his actions by blaming her for everything. According to WFTV, Sydney Allan Markland was a neighbor of the victim’s family and even prayer with the girl’s father. But, although he appeared to be an upstanding person, he allegedly had a dark side that the 8-year-old girl fell victim to. It all started when he lured her into his home last July.

A Disturbing Ruse:

It has been reported that Markland claimed to be injured and told the little girl he needed help bringing food into his home. Since he wasn’t exactly a stranger, he managed to convince the child to help but once they were inside his Ocala, Florida home, things took a disturbing turn for the worse. Markland, known to neighbors as an active, religious member in the community with a reputation of knowing the Bible and preaching it inside out,” assaulting the little girl. Another neighbor reportedly saw the distraught little girl running from Markland’s house “crying with her pants down.”


Justifying His Actions:

Although it took investigators approximately 10 months to build a substantial case against Markland, he has now been arrested. Lauren Lettelier, with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, released a statement about Markland’s arrest. “Well, we have a case where a 68-year-old lured an 8-year-old into his house and then he sexually battered her. I know that’s a really big concern for everybody looking at the time difference in this case. With a case like this, we have to be very solid with our evidence,” said Lettelier.

Following his arrest, he actually admitted to sexually assaulting the child, but his reason for the disturbing act has angered readers everywhere. Apparently, he insists the sexual contact was the child’s fault. According to Inside Edition, Markland claims the child dressed “provocatively.” He reportedly believed she was inviting sexual contact. “She was wearing provocative clothing,’ Markland told detectives. ‘Her actions suggested that she was consenting to sexual contact.”

He also made a second attempt claimed such behavior was permissible in his culture. Sydney Allan Markland has been arrested and charged with charged with sexual assault on a victim under 12, lewd and lascivious behavior, molesting a victim younger than 12 years old, and crimes against a person to lure and entice a child under 12 years old. Since he’s also admitted to being “familiar” with other children in the neighborhood, investigators fear there could be other victims. Markland is currently being held at the Marion County Jail without bail.

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