WOW! See The Beautiful Black Woman Who Runs This Black-Owned Airline

Posted On : 03/05/2018

Have you ever heard of the beautiful professional powerhouse Sherrexcia ‘Rexy’ Rolle? Well, for those who don’t know who she is, she’s actually the Vice President of Operations and General Counsel for the black-owned aviation business Western Air. For the first time, she’s opening up about her life in the aviation industry and how she’s contributed to the ongoing success of the company.

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A Family Empire:

So how did a young professional like Rexy get into the aviation business? During her recent interview with Bause magazine, she admitted her fervent love for aviation was something she developed at an early age. The successful, Bahamas-based company is owned by Rexy’s parents, Rex and Shandrice Rolle. The couple has managed the company for more than two decades, most of Rexy’s life.

At 18, her father began his career as a pilot and her mother, who was only 17 at the time, also worked hard to save their money and bring their dream of owning their own airline to fruition. Their tireless efforts built the foundation for Western Air Limited. Now, it’s a thriving business that has become a successful family empire. “My parents were very young and just started out their lives when they had me. My mom was 17 and my Dad was 18,  just beginning his career as a pilot. We are from a small town called Mastic Point, Andros in the Bahamas. My father started his career in the aviation industry as a private pilot by trade, however, owning his own airlines and developing it in the Bahamas was a lifelong dream of his. My parents worked tirelessly and persevered in developing this business by saving their money and doing their research with various aircraft brokers. My parents were eventually fortunate enough through faith, their persistence and dedication in their business plan to [receive offers] from two aviation investors from the U.S. From that moment moving forward, Western Air Limited was a dream that is now a reality.”

Continued Success:

Now, after more than 20 years in business, the successful power couple is passing the torch to their daughter. Over the past couple years, Rexy has also contributed vastly to the business’ continued success. Now, with a net worth of more than $90 million, Western Airlines is steadily expanding with more routes across the Caribbean and direct flights to Haiti, Cuba, and Jamaica. Soon, Western Airlines will be making its way to Florida with hopes of further expanding into the United States. As the company continues to grow, Rexy has quite a few ideas about expanding the company and soaring to new heights. “As an urban millennial woman, I know that it is important for us to increase our online and social media presence. My parents did a great job with grassroots marketing through word of mouth in the Bahamas but now it is time to increase our awareness and promote our services internationally.”

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But despite their ongoing success, excelling in the aviation industry is no easy feat. As a minority-owned business, Rexy revealed some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way. However, she admitted consistency is the key to maintaining in such a competitive industry. “In the beginning, we had our issues in time management and delays. However, in this industry where timing is very crucial, we began to focus on the reasons why these things were happening and “sweating the small stuff” in ensuring that our customers arrive at their destinations in a safe and timely fashion.”

She went on to share how the business progressed to the next level with a few executive changes. “Once my team and I began fine-tuning arrival and departure times, our performance began to improve. Our ticket sales increased also.  From that first initial step, we are continuing a hands-on approach on our customer service by making sure people get there safely, on time and most importantly with their luggage intact. Presently, as we are speaking, I am sitting in my office looking at schedules and flights that are departing and arriving.”

Just like the old saying goes, “Timing is everything.”

Career Advice For Women:

Be confident in what you know and I say that over again. One of our downfalls as women is that we leave it at the door, — we must stay confident in what we know and the work we produce. We as women were groomed from schooling and professionally to always second guess our decisions and feel as if we are “under-qualified.” I learned from experience to know your industry very well because the odds are immediately against you due to gender and race. In the aviation industry, you should know its a highly regulated industry as it should be, but it’s also incredibly broad with various work opportunities that are not commonly known. In my role, I have to ensure operations comply with not only our company policies and standards but to all relevant laws and regulations.

She also shared a piece of advice about building the financial foundation of a business. “In building your capital, be sure you do your research to ensure your aviation and finance partners or investors understand your vision and what it will require. Trust your staff, partners, and most importantly yourself.” Congratulations to Sherrexcia ‘Rexy’ Rolle and her family.

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