Woman’s Wheelchair Battery Dies In Town — Stranger Pushes Her Home, Regardless The Distance

Posted On : 06/12/2018

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA — When a woman’s wheelchair gave out while running errands, she didn’t know how she would get home. However, this stranger knew. By his hands.

“God blessed me with an able body. So WE pulled her home.” — Facebook user Gifted King

Bilal — known on Facebook as “Gifted King” — has been making waves after his heart-filled act of kindness and responsibility last month.


According to a video he uploaded via the social media website, he bore accountability for a total stranger he found stranded in her powerless wheelchair.

In the status’ caption, he explained the situation as follows.

“God’s Plan. God’s Work. Her battery gave out and she didn’t no how she was getting home. God blessed me with a able body. So WE pulled her home. A mile or not I wouldn’t go home until she was home. Period.”

The video captures the latter 2 minutes of the trip when they’re almost to her apartment community. In the footage, the man states that — when God instructed him to help the woman — he had no choice but to obey.

According to him, she became his responsibility. “Period.”

“I don’t care what you going through,” the man states, “when God calls you to help, you supposed to help.”

He says there were no “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s about it.

“I don’t care what you going through, personally,” the man continues, “when He stop you to tell you to help, you’re supposed to help…period.”

If you’re interested in the video, you can watch it below.


This right here. This is what’s needed in the community. Every day, we see violence and cold-heartedness brought on by a self-perpetuating environment.

However, here’s a brother who realizes his strength in, responsibility towards, and contribution to life — as well as others around him.

Via the comment section, Bilal elaborated further by stating:

“Got to start breaking cycles and rebuilding the communities we live in.”

If more people took personal accountability as seriously as this king, the world would definitely be a greater, more peaceful place to live.

“That’s why I call you blessed and my son; God only makes people like you,” Tony R. Willingham comments under the status.

To this, the humanitarian responds, “Thanks, Dad.”


After an act like this, he’s definitely received the Internet equivalent to a standing ovation. Comment after comment, he has received praise for his commitment to selflessness.

For instance, Cierra D. Wilson mentioned as follows.

“Bilal I’m so proud of the person you’ve become over the years. You are a great role model for these kids! I pray many blessings come your way ❤”

However, of course, those who are “too woke” for their own good had to toss in negativity.

“So the purpose of someone filming while you did this?” Charles Finley questioned. “I commend you on your act of kindness but this is between you her and God! Bragging about a selfless act makes it that less selfless!”

Nevertheless, in his faith and discipline, it appears that Bilal is also a dedicated boxer.

In his most recent status, Bilal mentions as follows.

“The most important part to a person is the foundation they stand on. You see your life is your own personal Earth and just like Earth you will experience natural disasters…Your foundation is so important cause just like Earth when natural disasters come they usually destroy everything except strong foundations.”

The full status offers more insight below.

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