Woman’s Body Found Headless And Dismembered In Brooklyn Park — Mom Finds Out While Watching Nightly News

Posted On : 04/16/2018

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — This mother’s world was turned upside-down while watching the news last week, finding out her daughter had been murdered. Now, the community is trying to find answers.

According to ABC 7, 26-year-old Brandy Odom‘s body was found in Canarsie Park, at East 86th Street and Seaview Avenue around 6 p.m., on Monday, April 9. A woman and her dog stumbled upon Odom’s body during a walk.

The source reports that Brandy’s head and naked torso were found face-down among leaves and twigs. Her arms and legs were later discovered several blocks away. Also, authorities found a bloody saw in a trash can near the crime scene.

The source reports as follows.

“A $2500 reward is being offered for information. Authorities have not said whether they believe the murder was a random crime, or whether Brandy Odom was killed by someone she knew.”


Her mother, Nicole Odom, spoke with ABC Eyewitness News regarding Brandy. Reportedly, she first learned of the crime while watching the news and never suspected it could be Brandy — until it was stated that the woman had a distinctive tattoo… the word “Chocolate” over her left breast, as mentions New York Daily News.

According to Nicole, her daughter lived in Queens and had no problems with anyone.

“Everybody loved her. I can’t even see how one person would want to do this to her. Brandy was friendly with everybody…I can just imagine what kind of pain she probably could have been going through with such a vicious act”

Brandy’s mother hasn’t slept in days since she found out about her daughter’s murder. Lamentingly, the mother mentions the following statement in regards to the unknown suspect(s).

“I just want the people that’s out here to know that this was somebody’s child and she do have people that loved and cared for her…Whoever did this to my daughter — I might not know who did it, the police might not know who did it but — the great God up above knows who did it, and you will be dealt with for your sins that you caused.”

Nicole said she had last seen Brandy about a month ago. She had been granted an interview in law enforcement. But shortly after that, she had also received mail from NYPD, wondering if she was still interested in the position as school safety officer, New York Daily News reports.

The source says she never responded to the inquiry. New York Daily says authorities feel that April 1 is a significant date in her disappearance. Accordingly, they were able to track her movements up to that date.

However, since then — and before her body’s discovery — they haven’t been able to account for her activities.

ABC 7 reports that investigators believe she was murdered elsewhere, and her remains were dumped in the park where they were found her. The medical examiner still hasn’t determined Odom’s cause of death.


The woman who found Brandy Odom’s body, Patricia Smith, said she actually thought it was a trash bag at first — before looking closer and seeing black hair.

“I came back and looked closer, and it was the body of a female with her limbs removed. I ran away…It was extremely nerve wracking. That was my first experience seeing something like that.”

As you could possibly imagine, some area residents are concerned for their safety. And while the investigation is still ongoing, anyone with additional information is urged to contact police.

The Gotham Gazette reports that, on Monday, April 16 at 7 p.m., Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams will join family and friends of the victim in draping a memorial ribbon over several blocks of the park’s fence.

The source says it’s also to keep attention on Brandy Odom’s unsolved murder, “urging…NYPD to step up their efforts in apprehending her at-large killer,” the Gazette notes.

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