59-Yr-Old Woman Wins Ridiculous Money After Clerk Gives Her Wrong Scratch-Off Ticket

Posted On : 06/01/2018

COMPTON, CALIFORNIA — This story almost never happened. However, thanks to gut intuition, this woman walked away with half a million dollars. Here’s how it went down.

According to California Lottery’s official website, it was pretty much just another typical day for 59-year-old Jacqueline Brady. Then, BAM!

Woman Wins Big After Clerk Gives Her Wrong Scratch-Off I
Photo via California Lottery Commission.

She stopped at a local 7-Eleven store, located at 3018 West Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood.

The source reports that Brady decided to buy a ticket. However, what she asked for wasn’t what she received. Reportedly, the store clerk handed her a $5 Power 5’s ticket.

“The Compton resident knew there had been some unfortunate miscommunication,” the source continues.

When Brady interviewed with the lottery commission, she mentioned with a laugh: “I didn’t want that ticket! I wanted the ($5) 20X the Money game.”

Well, it turned out to be the best mistake ever. This particular Power 5’s ticket ended up being a $555,555 top-prize winner!


According to Brady, the clerk had a look on his face like, “You better take this ticket; I already rang it up!” the source mentions.

The lotto winner elaborates that they generally “don’t like to tear them off if you don’t buy them.”

“That was a close call! I almost didn’t buy it. So, whoever would have bought this ticket next would have had this money! Thank you Jesus, it was for me and I got it.”

Yet, not only did she end up with more than half a million dollars on a game she didn’t even want, she also stopped at the store as a last-minute decision.

“I was on my way to work,” Brady adds. “I work with developmentally disabled adults. Every Sunday night, I work the over-night and normally stop at a little donut shop and buy some scratch-off tickets. But I thought, ‘No don’t get that icing because you’re going to get acid tonight’.”

“It wasn’t meant for me to stop there!” she exclaimed.

So Brady, instead, drove to the 7-Eleven located in Inglewood — and it paid off big time.


According to the source, Brady also purchased other scratch tickets — those which she actually wanted.

Once at work, and her clients were in bed, she started scratching. Since she didn’t really want the Power 5’s, she saved it for last.

None of the tickets she wanted were winners. So, she started on the Power 5’s.

“I was sitting in the dark a little bit. I saw the ‘555’ and thought I’d won $555. Then I looked again! I turned the lights on to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. I looked again and screamed, ‘I won a half million! Not me!’ I was talking to myself. I did kind of curse a little. I tried not to wake the whole house!”

It goes to show you, winning tickets aren’t in one specific location and sometimes aren’t even those you think would win. Brady won more than half a million dollars on a ticket she didn’t want — from a location where she normally doesn’t buy.

“Just yesterday, I was saying that I wonder what it would feel like to be able to buy anything I wanted!” Brady said. “I’ve been playing since the lottery started. Oh, my God!”

For now, Brady plans on buying her dream car: either a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon Denali — “black with tinted windows,” she clarifies.

“I’m also going to help everyone who has helped me!”

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[Featured Photo via California Lottery Commission]

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