Woman Beats 13-Yr-Old Girl With Metal Baseball Bat

Posted On : 08/22/2018

Woman Watches Viral Video Of Baseball Bat Beating — Horrified After Realizing Her Daughter Is The Victim

DAYTON, OHIO — A mother was startled while watching footage of a woman beating a teen with a baseball bat. Why startled? Well, she realized the teen was her daughter.

According to Fox 13, Bonnie Knight came across a video on Facebook, showing a woman attacking a teen girl — 13-year-old Keila Harvey. The source says she immediately recognized the victim as her daughter.

“I was lost for words for an adult to even strike a child like that with a baseball bat … it was just outrageous. She was continuously striking, continuously striking.”

Fox 13 reports the woman shown on video as 33-year-old Latasha McCleskey; she was identified by Dayton police and arrested. However, according to the source, she’s already been released from the Montgomery County Jail.

That’s unacceptable for the teen’s family, claiming they want justice. The family states they won’t stop until McCleskey is in jail.


The source reports that Harvey was walking from a park back to a group home where she was staying. Along the way, she got into a physical altercation with another girl her age who lives nearby.

As they fought, the other girl’s mother came out with a metal baseball bat and joined the scuffle. Luckily for Harvey’s family, a neighbor recorded the incident.

Knight told sources she was informed no one would prosecute the case because “McCleskey was protecting her own daughter.” To that, the mother mentioned as follows.

“She’s way bigger than my child and she’s an adult. Clearly, it was two kids fighting and the adult thing to do would have been to break up the fight … instead of using a weapon on the 13-year-old… and struck her in the head with it.”

With that said, Knight has hired an attorney and reached out to Dayton and Cincinnati mayors, in efforts to urge prosecutors to file charges in the case.

“At the end of the day,” Knight expresses, “you don’t pick up a bat for a child.”

So far though, according to the Dayton Police Department — as aforementioned — no prosecutor’s office has picked up the case. By department spokeswoman Cara Zinski-Neace, authorities issued the following statement regarding Latasha McClesky’s attack on the 13-year-old girl:

“The case was presented to both the county prosecutor’s office as well as the city prosecutor’s office, however neither approved charges.”

Nevertheless, Dayton detectives will continue to look for evidence concerning the case. This way, if anything turns up, they can potentially pursue charges in the future.


According to social media comments, people have mixed feelings about this situation. For instance, Tanya Parent mentions as follows.

“The woman was barely hitting her, she was too big to even get off the ground. She should be charged, but for everyone saying “she beat a kid with a bat “, maybe watch the video again, that woman could barely move to swing the bat.”

And while many feel the same about McClesky receiving SOME KIND of charge, many believe she still significantly scarred the teen.

Although Parent feels that the woman could barely swing the bat, these were head shots … and with a metal bat. Even a small swing could do significant damage, no?

If you’re interested in local coverage, check the video below.

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[Featured Photo via Montgomery County Jail]

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