Woman Wakes To House And Cars Covered In Racial Slurs

Posted On : 05/02/2018

BELLEVIEW, FLORIDA — This country is getting incredibly crazy. Unfortunately, a woman and her kids woke one morning to find their house and vehicles trashed with racial slurs.

According to Nakea Darisaw, she didn’t have any idea she would awaken to what awaited her, April 30.

“I live off of C-25 in Belleview and woke up to my home and vehicles vandalized with racial slurs on them and the word GO written on my front door,” Darisaw mentioned via Facebook.

“The woods in the back of my home were set on fire as well as my phone lines were cut outside. If anyone has any information please contact Marion County Sheriffs office. My children have been terrified by this.”

There haven’t been much said about the situation after the fact. However, Darisaw created a GoFundMe page regarding the incident.

“Our home and vehicles was vandalized while we were sleep,” Darisaw notes. “My children and I were terrified. We are looking to come up with enough money to repair the damages endured on my home as well as my vehicles. Anything Helps and will be truly appreciated.”

So far, the page has exceeded the family’s goal of $6,000. Right now, it’s currently $8,001.

Amid all the support, the mother has maintained strength and courage for her children. Via Facebook, Nakea mentions as follows.

“I just wanted to personally thank everyone for all of the love and support it has truly been unbelievable and amazing. This ordeal has been UNREAL for my family but we will not allow ourselves to be discouraged at all but continue to praise God and trust God thru it all and pray that God will reveal who did this Blessings to everyone.”


Her initial post has garnered nearly 100,000 reactions, over 159,000 shares, and several comments.

Yet, at the same time, some of those responses have caused Darisaw more pain and confusion.

“Goodmorning everyone it sort of hurts me to know that some people can be so cruel with their comments regarding my family circumstances,” she mentions via a May 2 Facebook post. “I have a past yes but who doesn’t I am not ashamed of anything because it has helped me to be the strong person that I am today. And I know without of shadow of doubt that if it wasn’t for God being a part of my life who knows where I would be.”

“Everyone is looking at my vehicles and home but don’t even no the struggle I went thru to get where I am today. I am not a thug or drug dealer but a educated business woman. Please know everyone that if God was able to change me of all people he can change anyone. I am not a respecter of person. I have NEVER in life asked or had anyone to ever do anything for me until now. I pray that God’s love will prevail thru all of this. Blessings everyone and that my life will be used as a living testimony of what an AWESOME God we serve.”

Although she’s been hounded by other racist commentators, several people have been supportive regarding her situation.

For instance, Trini Thomas, Sr. points out the spelling. It’s not often that white racists use “n***a” rather than “n***er.”

“Don’t look over the possibility that someone BLACK might have done this and trying to make it look WHITE,” Thomas mentions. “Jealousy or [rivalry] will make people do crazy things. I hope this helps you. It took time to do all of this so somebody took their time.”

“Look into the neighborhood close perhaps at the closest neighbors. Look for the red paint cans, ask neighbors questions to get chance to observe their hands for the red paint, find out if there are any teenagers in the community, are there any other black families in the community, have this ever happen in the community before?”

If you remember, a few months ago, Black Loop covered a story where a college student’s car was allegedly sprayed with racial slurs. It received major coverage — only for him to later recant and admit he had done it, himself.

It was unfortunate but true. Nevertheless, regardless of who did this to Darisaw and her family, this is a horrible thing.

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[Featured Photo via Nakea Darisaw / Facebook]

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