Woman Takes Roller Skating To Incredibly Sexy Level & The Guys Can’t Help But Watch

Posted On : 10/21/2018

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — While totally submerged in the music, this skating goddess takes the floor grabbing everyone’s attention as she graces across the rink — guys nearly falling.


Kamille is a choreographer, professional roller skater, dancer, singer, and actress.

She reached out to us to let folks know what’s up with her skating classes, for those who interested in looking as good as she does in and out of the rink:

Kamille told THE BLACK LOOP:

“I have an amazing roller skating program and dance studio. Would love for people to be able to find me. Kameo Roll is the program. I teach all the celebs and my program is at Cascade Skating Rink in Atlanta, GA.”

Another secret to Kamille’s skills is apparently, good living:

“When you focused on where you going you have no time to get caught up in the past or negativity,” Kamille mentions via her post. “Be busy being blessed, blessing others, staying focused, eating good, sleeping good, loving good, early Christmas shopping.”

On the dance floor, she certainly focused on her craft and couldn’t have been more enticing if she tried. Play after play, she called the shots — skating from the floor to the seating area — busy being a “blessing.”

If you’re interested in the video for yours, check it out below.

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When you focused on where you going you have no time to get caught up in the past or negativity. Be busy being blessed, blessing others, staying focused, eating good, sleeping good, loving good, early Christmas shopping, coming to skate class @kameoroll, taking dance @kameoproductions, and lil baby spinach challenge 😂 @keniicole , getting your credit up @coachstormy, signing up with @mr2weeksout @ri28official so you can be a whole meal, getting fly with @furocityfurs and @hausofswag, getting your face beat by @shay_shay309 and @makeupbygray , house designed by @labellatiffancy, and Hair and edges flourishing beautifully so your Christmas pics are 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂 for real stop focusing on the negative and focus on what God kept you from and what’s in store next! @sevyn absolutely been a fan of yours and love this new movement tooo!!!! Ladies anthem!!! Hellllll nawwwww we ain’t never going back!!!! Only new goodness allowed!!! Happy Monday y’all and everyone owes me a smoothie for the plugs lol 😂 love y’all. Get into these hips though 😘😍🔥🙌🏽 @cascadeskate lovvveeee uuuu! Share this video and comment on your mood this mawnin!!! Happy Monday. Love to you all 😘😘 Tag @sevyn for meeeee!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😘😘😘 #blessedbeyondmeasures blessedbeyondmeasures #mssskamillesk8queen #rocking #rolling #cascadeskate #atlanta #dance #sevynstreeter #hiphop #yoga #stretch #fitness #cardio #rollerskating #prorollerskater #dancer #choreography #choreographer #balance #skills #rollerskatinginstructor #learntoskate #riedellroller #videooftheday #dance #salsa #movement @theheatmag @theshaderoom @balleralert @sevyn @prettybrowndancers @professionalblackgirl @theshaderoom

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According to the video’s comments, many viewers were completely impressed by her skating skills. Yet, others felt she could’ve danced elsewhere, rather than on the dance floor. Maybe we’ll refer to them as “haters.”

Nevertheless, most feedback gave praise to the dancing skater. Interestingly enough, many viewers came to Kamille’s page, courtesy of singer Sevyn Streeter.

One Instagram user, Exotic Vibes, mentioned that she had to know who she was after seeing the video on Sevyn’s post.

“Soooo @sevyn posted this and IMMEDIATELY I needed to know who you were! Lordt Jesus got me out here crushing 😍😍😍😍😍😍. You are so poise when you move. I’m a fan. Keep doing your thing and catch ALL yo blessings.”

The dancer’s video also noted her location at the time of the footage. She was at Cascade Family Skating, a well-known roller skating rink in the Atlanta, GA area.

While it was already known for its popularity long before the movie A.T.L. helped put it on the map, Cascade continues to be one of the premier spots to bless the floor with style.

What are your thoughts about the video? Could you feel her energy? If you couldn’t, you’re pretty much dead inside.

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[Featured Photo via Kamille / Instagram]

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