Woman Shares A Video To Go Off On Rasheeda’s Mom Shirleen But The Internet Went Off On Her

Posted On : 07/01/2018

A woman from Austin, Texas traveled to the Houston, Texas location of Rasheeda Frost’s Pressed clothing boutique. While there, the woman and her friend became very upset when Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen didn’t take a picture with them. So enraged, the woman took to Facebook to put Ms. Shirleen on blast but the internet went off on her.

Debra Mims became upset when Ms. Shirleen refused to take a photo with her and her friends.

Woman Tries To Expose Rasheeda’s Mother, Ms. Shirleen, For Being Rude But She Exposed Herself:

Debra Mims, from Austin, Texas, traveled to Houston, Texas for 2 reasons according to her Facebook post. Mims and her friend wanted to visit the restaurant, Sweetie Pie’s as well as they wanted to go to Rasheeda Frost’s clothing store, Pressed. While in the store, the women asked Ms. Shirleen for a photo. Someone with Mims was recording Ms. Shirleen and she asked them nicely not to. In a calm, professional voice, Ms. Shirleen informed the ladies that she had no problem taking a photo with them but they had to purchase something first. Ms. Shirleen told the ladies that was Rasheeda’s policy and the women became upset.

Instead of purchasing an item from Pressed, the women complained and stated that the store policy was the “rudest sh*t ever”. Ms. Shirleen clapped back and told the women that it is rude for people to not respect store policies. Then, one of the women in the group called Ms. Shirleen a b*tch as they said she was “just like the b*tch on tv”. Ms. Shirleen let them know that she was not the one as she said, ” I am the b*tch on tv”. As the camera continued to roll, one of the women yelled out, ” F*uck you and d*mn that sign”! All of this occurred at the clothing store in the presence of children. Both Ms. Shirleen and the women with Debra Mims began to argue all because Ms. Shirleen was following the store policy of Pressed.

Angry with Ms. Shirleen, Debra Mims then took to Facebook to put her on blast, however, people quickly took Ms. Shirleen’s side and went off on her. Mims deleted the video but that didn’t stop people from checking her.

Here Is What Debra Mims Posted On Facebook:

Debra Mims created a stat putting Ms. Shirleen on blast as well as she posted a video of the Houston encounter. To her surprise, the internet didn’t see Ms. Shirleen as the rude one. On the contrary, they put her on blast. She deleted the video and the stat but that didn’t stop people from dragging her.

Here Is What The Internet Had To Say:

you really need to make a video apologizing to rasheeda and her mom for acting up like that in their store and disrespecting her mom like that. that shit is WILD. how dare you speak to her like that because you wanted a damn pic. wow. and then after u curse her and call her all kinds of names, u still trying to convince her ass to take a picture with yall. absolutely insane. the audacity. who the fuck raised you??

Overgrown ass kids! Bitches got bad knees and look like men talking bout a pic!? ?? you ugly old bitches continue taking pics together. Fuck you thought you were about to get off that lame ass video? A Grammy? Yall need yall ass whooped!

she said the customer is always right hahahaha bitch u gotta BUY something to be a CUSTOMER. lol lol lol FOH.

I’m sure you didn’t go into SWEETIE PIES looking for a free meal. So why wouldn’t you purchase something to get a pic taken like the sign clearly said? THEN you recorded her without her consent. You looking for a lawyer? I know some.

This was a failed viral attempt. Like many people commented, Debra Mims and her friends really should issue an apology to Ms. Shirleen as their behavior was disrespectful.

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