Woman Rearranges Doll Shelves THEN Tweets That She Couldn’t Find A White Doll

Posted On : 08/19/2017

Oh yes. The Internet definitely had time for THIS one! She thought she was about to show “reverse racism” but only showed stupidity.

According to Twitter, a user named Clair tried to play a fake victim card after visiting a local Target department store.

Clair’s tweet read as follows.

“I couldn’t find a doll for my little cousins Birthday, BUT I did find dolls named Abrianna, Anaya, Maeva & Keisha. Thanks.”

Her message was accompanied by this photo.

Woman Rearranges Doll Shelves THEN 'Complains' She Couldn't Find A White Doll I
Photo captured from @ThetaClaire’s page.

When will these people learn that someone is always watching.

So, of course, the tweet drew a different type of attention than she was expecting.

Just embarrassing.

Too, people began to really breakdown her lie.

As mentioned in the following tweet, toy representation matters. Clair made it abundantly clear that the fake situation is noticeable and affects a person’s ability to get what she need — just like white privilege and representation.

Interestingly enough, someone else also zoomed in on the photo and sealed the deal. Turns out that the dolls weren’t even on the right shelves.

Enough was enough…

After enduring a smorgasbord of embarrassment, Clair offered up an apology, according to Bossip.

One of her last tweets read as follows.

“Dear Twitter, I apologize for my insensitivity on issues. I’m 19 & it’s not too late to change, with your help. Pray for me. #GiveMeAChance.”

However, she made the tweet into a “poll.” According to the source, 27,000 people voted and 90 percent said, “HELL NO BIH.”

Clair has since deleted the entire Twitter account.

Woman Rearranges Doll Shelves THEN 'Complains' She Couldn't Find A White Doll II
Photo from Twitter.

Isn’t amazing what folks will go through to play the victim in a victimless situation? Let us know your thoughts.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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