[Video] Woman Rams Her Car Into Cop Twice, No Shots Fired

Posted On : 08/02/2017

After several donuts, this woman was confronted by an officer. But do you think she cared? Do you think cops shot her for endangering other people’s lives?

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA — The woman you’re about to see is named Debra Lloyd. On top of ramming police cars, she also hit three pedestrians.

She was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of injury to personal property.

What happened?…

As you’ll see from the following video, she was doing several “donuts” in the busy intersection of Ozark and New Hope.

According to Gaston Gazette, “Lloyd crashed into four cars and ultimately wrecked her vehicle, overturning it and sliding down a 12-foot embankment.

WARNING: The following videos contain sensitive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

Thanks to multiple recordings of the incident, someone else got the rest on video.

We all know what would’ve happened had this woman been Black. It’s an unfortunate realization, honestly.

This incident demonstrates that white police officers will do all they can to preserve their own, even if the criminals are endangering officers or others within the community.

[Video] Woman Rams Her Car Into Cop Twice, No Shots Fired - Debra Lloyd
Debra Lloyd, assaulted officers multiple times with a deadly weapon. Was not shot at or killed. Police officers didn’t fear for their lives.

So, what was she saying?…

According to the source, witnesses say she was singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” while doing donuts.

Likewise, when asked her name, she told them it was “faith, hope, and love.”

Luckily, no one was injured in the incident. However, shouldn’t these officers — especially given the “feared for my life” tactic — have ended the situation long before bystanders started yelling “Shoot that woman!!

But, instead, she was taken to CaroMont Regional Medical Center for “evaluation.” Apparently, she was on medications according to family. However, she had not taken them.

Funny how situations are drastically different, right? Didn’t police say that Terence Crutcher was also having mental issues. However, he was shot — even with his hands up.

Yet, this woman drove a frickin’ car into another officer’s car — two of them, actually — and hit other pedestrians. Likewise, she was “combative” even after they put cuffs on her.

Nevertheless … not a single shot was fired.


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