Woman Totally Shocked When Her ‘Privilege’ Is Taken

Posted On : 11/11/2017

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA — Well, it looks like privilege isn’t omnipotent. Apparently, it’s suspended if you offend officers. This woman is shocked when she’s yanked out her seat.

According to WAFB-9 News, the incident happened at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

If you know anything about the Southeastern Conference (SEC), you can’t smoke in the stadium. The source mentions as follows.

“The University of Alabama went smoke-free in January of 2015, including the stadium. UA banned smoking inside campus buildings in 1991 and limited smoking on campus within 30 feet of buildings with the exception of one exit in 2007.”

However, this woman thought her privilege was renewed and up-to-date.


According to the source, she figured she could take a quick smoke break while at her seat. Yet, when an officer spotted her, he maneuvered through the aisle and asked if she could put it out.

Instead, she put it in his face — like, “Bisshh, you ain’t nobody!” So, the officer responded similarly to let her know her privilege wasn’t s**t that day.

After taking a step back to size her up like, “Whose mans is this?,” he comes back and yanks her up by the arm she’s using to support her smoke break.

She immediately lets out a shriek of embarrassment as he slides her across the stadium floor in front of her fellow privileged countrymen and women.

Did they risk their statuses to help her out? Of course not. They wanted to keep their subscription in tact.

So, they simply watched her get dragged away while screaming — yet, still holding the cigarette in-hand.

Actually, while parents shielded their kids’ eyes as he revoked her membership, one woman helped remove the assailant from the aisle.

Although the video ends before her arrest, according to the source, he put her in cuffs.


Via Facebook, users are commenting using the same responses wrongly accused Blacks have received from Americans for years of actual police brutality.

They range from “let’s see the whole video first” to “We don’t know the full storytoI’m glad he got this thug off the street.

I think Roderick Henry‘s comment took the cake though. He states as follows.

“She blew that smoke right in that officers face. That’s second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is just as deadly as first hand. She should be charged with attempted murder.”

That’s a good point!

If you’d like to read the plethora of comments, feel free to follow the link.

Nevertheless, let us know your thoughts on how fast she got that privilege snatched. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @SECcountry / Twitter]

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