[Video] Police Shooting ‘Justified’ Because Woman Runs Out On Plastic Surgery Bill?? No, Ma’am!

Posted On : 04/07/2017

Although she shouldn’t have skipped out on this bill, is it really “police shooting” worthy? Of course not. Just goes to show you, Black lives don’t really matter to society.

SOUTH MIAMI, FLORIDA — People, is beauty really this important?

Okay. So…

It seems this story isn’t exactly what it appears from the video.

From the footage, alone, you see 27-year-old Paula Johnson fleeing the ResultsMD Plastic Surgery office in a paper gown. There’s a reason she bolted out of there, as notes WSVN-7 Miami.

[Video] Woman Literally Runs Out On Plastic Surgery Bill — News Guest Says Police Shooting Would Be Justified II

As it turns out, Johnson is an identity thief. She actually committed theft at this particular surgeon location two years prior.

According to CBS Miami, Dr. Jose M. Soler-Baillo mentioned her previous visit to the facility as follows.

“She actually came into the office 2 years ago and we had an issue and ended up losing $12,000. It involved a problem with a credit card used for cosmetic procedures.”

The source says employees noticed payment problems in her past with the office. Also, there was an issue with the credit card she was trying to use on the visit that very day.

As officers were gathering information on the situation, that’s when Johnson made her escape from the building.

CBS Miami reports the car’s identifying information as follows.

“She was driving a 2014 grey Mercedes CLA250 with a Florida license tag of EYFU26. She fled the area eastbound on SW 72nd Street and then possibly northbound on SW 52nd Avenue.”

What You Mean, ‘Justified’??

Sure, this woman did commit a crime — multiple, actually.

But, none of them were violent crimes. Likewise, when police were trying to stop her getaway, if they had truly felt threaten, surely they would’ve discharged fire.

The only “justified” shooting would’ve possibly been to shoot out one of her tires before they drove off.

[Video] Woman Literally Runs Out On Plastic Surgery Bill — News Guest Says Police Shooting Would Be Justified I

However, Johnson wasn’t a physical threat. So, how can this news guest even open her mouth to say that a police shooting would’ve been a “justified” response in this situation?

According to the surgeon, even he didn’t think the situation warranted a “shooting” type of response.

“I call this the price of beauty. It is the pressure of people wanting to look good. If they don’t have the funds to do it they commit the crimes for the procedure. It is unfortunate because now what was a case of fraud has turned into a big deal.”


WSVN-7 reports that Paula Johnson surrendered to authorities on Monday, April 3. She was charged with two counts of aggravated battery on a police officer, “among other charges,” as notes the source.

She’s currently being held on a $21,000 bond.

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