Woman Started College At 12, Now Has Ph.D At 23

Posted On : 01/02/2018

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA — Who says you have to pace your life via the same 12-year road map as everyone else? This woman shows you it’s just a suggestion, not a rule.

Fox 8 News reports that, at 12 years old, Julia Nepper wasn’t as worried about spending time with friends. Rather, she had her sights set on starting college.

Since getting accepted, Nepper has graduated college and earned her doctorate by age 23.


The source says that, when Julia Nepper was a child, her parents pulled her out of traditional school and homeschooled her. Nepper mentions as follows.

“Most of the people I’ve met, in my life, could have done what I did if they had the right support. I don’t fault my parents, pushing me, with regards to my education. Clearly, I could handle it and it worked. So they must have done something right.”

After only four years of homeschooling, Nepper applied to and was accepted at Cape Fear Community College.

She earned her associate’s degree by 14, her bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina – Wilmington at 16, and her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at 23.

If you’re interested in an interview conducted years ago, here’s a video below.

Now that she’s gotten all the academics out the way, Nepper plans to experience the “real world.” She’s looking for a full-time job — actually considering a job in Japan.

I’ve been in college most of my life and I haven’t really been in the real world,” Nepper says. “It’s exciting but actually scary to go out and get a job.

Since she has “book smarts,” it’s time to get those life experiences underway, right?

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[Featured Photo via @DietDrNepper/Twitter]

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