Woman Shocked To Tears After Deceased Mom’s Voice Comes From Teddy Bear

Posted On : 07/29/2018

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Family deaths are never easy. However, this woman found comfort after she was gifted with a special teddy bear programmed with her late mother’s voice.

For the past two years, 55-year-old Bernadette Weekes had been the main caretaker of her mother — Margaret Weekes — until the end.

According to West Journal, Bernadette was still very raw with emotion after her mother’s death earlier this year. So, it’s been pretty hard finding a new normal, since her daily routine was caring for her recently-passed loved one.

The source says Margaret passed while Bernadette was present with her — and she leaves behind 11 children, 17 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.


Patrick Harris, Bernadette’s son, found an interesting and creative way to help ease her pain.

Although timing was a bit soon, Harris decided to give the intimate present to his mother. He remembered his grandma’s favorite phrase was “I love you.” She even said it to those she barely knew.

With that in mind, Harris got the idea to find a recording of his grandmother saying it. Then, he took the audio file to a local Build-a-Bear store and placed it in a stuffed bear.

After stitching the bear and giving her a name — Mother Love — he brought it home to his grieving mother.

Once Bernadette opened the box, she saw the gift awaiting her grasp. She pulled it out, and Harris asked her to press the bear’s paw.

A sweet, familiar voice spoke, and she began to weep. Harris mentioned to the source that his mom never expected him to show up with such a gift. He was deeply moved to see her so overwhelmed hearing his late grandmother’s voice.

Harris told the source as follows.

“She had no idea. When I gave it to her, she immediately started breaking down. I knew she would be surprised and love it. I was nervous it might have been too much for her to handle, but she loved it. Mom said it’s one of the greatest gifts she’ll ever get, and she feels like she has been given her mom back.”

Likewise, the source says Bernadette’s face filled with “shock and tears.” While celebrating her mother’s life, a piece of her is preserved inside the gifted teddy.

If you’re interested in the video, check the footage below.


Facebook user Kimberly Clemmons comments about her experience losing her dad. She still has voicemails from him saved on an old answering machine. According to Clemmons, she notes as follows.

“I have a message my daddy left on an old answering machine. The first part is him saying ‘baby? You there baby?’ You wanna talk about falling apart. First time I found it and listened, after he had passed I was a terrible mess. Now I keep it stashed away in the closet but when I get to feeling like I can’t remember his voice so well, I pull it down and press play.❤️”

Similarly, Veronica Holliday says there’s no way she’s strong enough to listen to old voicemails from her late mother, claiming she’d “lose it.”

All in all, what are your thoughts about the gift given to Bernadette? Do you share a similar experience? How have you dealt with family members’ passings? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via FaithPot / Twitter]

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