Woman Kills Abusive Husband Using ‘Stand Your Ground’ — Things Take A Turn For Worse

Posted On : 08/06/2018

SELMA, ALABAMA — Just when you thought you’d heard the last of “Stand Your Ground,” it showcases more of its blatant injustice against people of color (P.O.C.).

According to Alabama’s AL.com, 38-year-old Jacqueline Dixon is behind bars after police say she shot and killed her estranged husband in front of her home. The source says it happened on Tuesday morning, July 31.

Reportedly, officers were dispatched to Dixon’s home at 2113 Church Street, around 8:30 a.m. Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier says that, once on the scene, they found 44-year-old Carl Omar Dixon unresponsive in the woman’s front yard.

The source states Carl was dead upon discovery.


Local investigators eventually took Mrs. Dixon into custody. Chief Collier also mentioned that she claimed her estranged husband charged at her in an aggressive manner — and using Alabama’s “Stand Your Ground” law to defend herself, she shot him.

Chief Collier, along with Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson, notes that Dixon had a protection order against her husband due to abuse. It was issued in 2016, according to reported court documents.

However, the source says there were times during her marriage where she didn’t exactly enforce the protective order. But at the time of the order, she claimed Carl had punched her in the face and cursed her. Reportedly, he’d done it multiple times but always came back.

With that in mind, the judge issued the protective order against Carl — as well as awarded her temporary custody of their two children.

Furthermore, according to Jackson, the couple had domestic issues in the past. The attorney mentions Tuesday’s argument probably started after Carl found a condom which didn’t belong to him at his wife’s house. So, he thought she was cheating.

Well, after local investigators stated their discovery to the District Attorney’s Office, a murder-domestic violence warrant was issued for Mrs. Dixon. Upon arrest, Selma police booked her into the Dallas County Jail with a bond set at $100,000.

“Domestic violence is a crime that knows no racial, geographic or socioeconomic boundary,” the chief says. “It affects all segments of our society and every situation is needless and preventable.”

According to Collier, Jacqueline’s case will be presented before a Dallas County grand jury for review.

“It is pretty clear that the judicial system worked in this situation because the protection from abuse order was in place. I am not sure which judge handled the matter, but I applaud him for doing his job. However, the order is simply a piece of paper if the complainant does not seek its enforcement. Regardless, it is a sad case and Selma PD joins the community in praying for both families.”

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this situation? There are several instances where “Stand Your Ground” should’ve applied to people of color; yet, it seems to only be accepted AGAINST us.

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