[Update] EXCLUSIVE: Woman Houses Single Mother ‘In Need’ — Biggest Mistake Ever!

Posted On : 09/17/2017

HEMET, CALIFORNIA — You try to do right by people, and some will take full advantage of your kindness. Unfortunately for this woman, her experience has taught her “you can’t help NOBODY!”

***Update found after original content. If you’d like to help, Kat’s GoFundMe can be found at this link.***

The woman’s name is Kat McGurn.

According to Kat, a woman going by the name of “Georgette” came to her for help; her Facebook name reads “Jetta Amougou.”

Kat says she claimed to be a single mother in need of a place to stay. So, McGurn took her into her own home.

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Jetta Amougou II
Photo of Georgette. Kat says, now, she believes even her name is a lie. According to Jetta’s Facebook URL, it’s totally different. It reads “Monique Anders.”

However, things allegedly took a turn for worse. “She used me,” Kat expresses via Facebook.

“This person I allowed to stay with me is the worst human being alive. Or maybe it’s just how these ppl are out here…She lived like a animal with cups of urine in my home. Playing with my kids food n juice. She pushed my son like he was nothing. I had to defend myself even tho she way older then me.”

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Room II
This is disgusting. According to Kat, this was Georgette’s room with her three kids.

The Black Loop reached out to Kat for further details regarding the situation.


Via private message, Kat informed us of how it all started.

According to McGurn, the woman gave her $100 when she initially moved into the room. Then, the woman gave Kat another $300 in mid-August — promising to pay the remainder owed “soon as she gets it.”

But, according to Kat, that day never came.

In Kat’s Facebook post, she mentions as follows.

“She wanted to stay with me for free like I have to take care of her. When I told her she needs help out or leave she showed her true colors. Life htf I suppose to feed mines n her n 3 kids. Ppl be looking for a free hand out. I work hard every day.”

So, September comes around, and McGurn asks for rent.

The woman tells Kat, “Get the f**k out my face. I ain’t got no money.” Although, according to McGurn, the woman is telling people she’s paid her $1,700 so far.


Kat McGurn told Black Loop that she entered the woman’s room on September 6. According to McGurn, a strange scent was coming from the woman’s quarters.

When she opened the door, she was surprised by what she saw.

“I go in, it’s nasty! Dirty clothes are everywhere.”

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Room
Another photo of the room where Georgette was allegedly staying.

According to Kat, the woman had multiple cups of urine in the room. When McGurn questioned her about the urine, the woman told Kat that she’s actually been putting it in her kids’ juice! As in, Kat’s kids.

***Bruh … someone would be dead right now.***

McGurn elaborates further that — since the situation went south — the woman has attacked her and her son.

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Kat McGurn Injured
Kat McGurn’s hand after allegedly struggling with Georgette during one of the altercations.

Via Facebook, Kat posted photos from one of the physical assaults, showing the aftermath of the struggle.

And apparently, the violent woman must believe she’s She-Hulk or something, because she’s been tearing Kat’s apartment apart section by section.

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Door III
Who TF is this woman?? I’ve only seen UFC fighters do this to doors.

McGurn tells Black Loop that she has reported the incident to Hemet police. However, they told her that there’s nothing they can do about it “because it’s a civil matter.”

***So, they’re going to wait until Kat is forced into a life or death position with this woman?***

According to McGurn, Hemet police has known about her situation and the assaults. Yet and still, nothing’s being done.

She says they’ve never even taken an accident report or anything.


While this may have started off as Kat McGurn trying to help a woman seemingly in need, she’s ended up having to “forfeit” her apartment. The woman simply refused to leave. Kat tells Black Loop as follows.

“I just [gave] the keys back because she was not gonna leave…and [I] refuse to have someone staying in my home threatening my kids…I just wished someone would have helped me instead of all this happening.”

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Room IV
Another pic of the room.

She had even posted via the “Hemet News” group, in an attempt to warn others of the woman — you know, in case she tries to go elsewhere.

After a very short time, the group’s moderators deleted the post, which contained the photos you see in this article. The Black Loop attempted to contact the group to see why Kat’s post was removed. There has been no response yet.

Nevertheless, Kat mentions that family is helping her at the moment while she’s in-between residences.

Also, she has a court date set to obtain a restraining order against the woman. However, McGurn has chosen to keep the date confidential.

All in all, Kat leaves this message for the public:

“Be careful who [you] allow around your kids and home. Because I see nowadays [you] can’t help NOBODY!”

UPDATE — 09/19/17, 12:15 p.m.

***Kat returned to the apartment in order to attempt to recoup some of her belongings. Things were far worse than when she left it.***

The woman even ripped up Kat’s college degree and other important documents such as baby sonograms, family photos, etc.

Too, the crazy woman even loosened some of the bolts and nuts on Kat’s vehicle. According to McGurn, the woman attempted to get into her gas tank as well but couldn’t access it.

As aforementioned, Kat wasn’t too sure about the woman’s real name. However, her name is actually “Monique Anders,” as seen in her Facebook URL.

Moreover, Kat isn’t the first person Monique has done like this. According to a comment by Facebook user Heaven Sent, the woman nearly did the same to her sister-in-law.

“She stayed with my sister-in-law in Ridgecrest, California in 2014 (her, her kids, and her man at the time) got my sister-in-law kicked out because of loud noises and fighting with her man.”

Monique, then, found a place of her own, and “Heaven”s sister-in-law intended to move in with her for a brief moment while waiting for her new place to be ready.

“3 days after my sister-in-law gave her $500, she kicked her out and threw the food my sister-in-law bought on top of all her kids clothing. I went over there and she had knives daring me to run up.”

And Monique IS her real name,” says Heaven.

Woman Houses Single Mother 'In Need' — Biggest Mistake Ever - Heaven Sent Facebook
Photo from Kat McGurn.

If you will, let us know how you feel about this situation and if you’ve ever been in a similar predicament. Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Facebook]

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