Woman Hilariously Goes Viral Trying To Steam Bag Of Angry Crabs

Posted On : 08/12/2018

Woman Hilariously Goes Viral Trying To Steam Bag Of Angry Crabs

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA — This woman didn’t know she was up against an organized bag of crustaceans. While she thought it was going to be a simple “dump into the pot,” she found out the crabs were cooking up a plan all along.

This was a fight to be remembered. In the crab world, it’d rank up there with the “War of 1812.” Just as the United States sought its freedom from the British, these crabs fought for theirs.

And although “crabs in a bucket” is a phrase we use to describe similar people trying to keep each other down, these crabs were unified in their attempt to overcome.

With her Corona beer nearby, Virginia Simmons opened the plastic bag — which housed a paper bag containing her lively crab dinner. She realized the paper bag had a tear, and she mentioned:

“Oh, the bag’s about to bust! They’re trying to make a getaway. AIN’T NO GETTING AWAY FROM HERE, BUDDY!”

Well, they almost proved her wrong. That bag was probably ripped so they could watch for the right time to strike.

NOTE: According to Simmons, she’s always boiled crabs. However, her brother supposedly told her about the benefits of steaming. So, she thought she’d try it out.

“I might be doing this wrong,” the woman tells her viewers, “but I’mma dump’m on in this pan first.”

As soon as she turned the bag upside-down, they made a break for it…in unison — an alliance so tight, it hasn’t been seen since “Barack and Michelle.”


With adrenaline coursing through their bodies, these crabs went into full defense mode — taking up vantage points around the kitchen. In stove corners. Behind the microwave. Underneath cabinets.

You can check the video for yourself below.

Simmons even called on other crabs in the pot — those who didn’t escape — to help pull down those she placed back inside. Again, “crabs in a bucket.” Okay, sure, all of the crabs weren’t united. However, several of them gave this Virginia woman a battle for her dinner.

From the public feedback, it seems the crowd favorite was the crab by the microwave. He simply wasn’t having it. Lori Alexander mentions:

“She had a d**n workout chasing that crab around the kitchen. Her a** was out of breath! I d**n near peed on myself?????”

Also, some people seem to think she did it all just for laughs. However, as Tywana Hemphill states: “I don’t care if she didn’t have water in the pot or if she did it for attention that s**t was funny to me. Lmao.”

Furthermore, back to the “crabs in a bucket” phrase, Chris Andrews found out his grandmother’s statement was true.

“So it is true that crabs get out the bucket…here I’m thinking that my Gma lied talking bout ‘people just like crabs’. Can’t let one get out???.. oh the lies.”

Obviously, we should all pay more attention to nature. It offers a smorgasbord of knowledge if you allow it.

Nevertheless, we’d love to know your thoughts about this video. How do you prepare your crab? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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