Police Harassment: 8-Year-Old Shaking With Fear While Officers Drag Family Friend From Passenger Seat

Posted On : 04/10/2018

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — What started out as a “routine traffic stop,” quickly escalated into unnecessary, excessive force and total rights violation by the officers involved.

Police Harassment - 8-Year-Old Shaking With Fear While Officers Drag Family Friend From Passenger Seat, 'Failed Headlights' I
Photo via screengrab.

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On April 8, around 10:48 p.m., Quelle Robinson began a live feed on Facebook. The video shows their friend, Jalen, getting dragged from the vehicle after being told to step out the car. Her post read as follows.

“Please share this with family friends whom ever you deem necessary, 4 black children in a car, our rights were violated, our lives at risk, our safety in danger!”

According to Robinson, the officers told them they were stopped because the vehicle’s headlights were out. Yet, instead of questioning the driver, the officers walked to the passenger side of the car.

Jalen asked officers “why” and “for what reason” were they demanding he step out. They didn’t give him an answer.

During this time, Jalen reportedly kept his hands on the dashboard while talking with officers — since they allegedly accused him of “reaching around” the interior prior to their walk-up.

After Jalen continued to stay in the car, one of the officers pulled him from the passenger seat and to the ground — the other officers assisting in the harassing takedown.

All the while you hear Robinson, her 8-year-old sister — Payge, and the driver — Adea — plead for his life as the man and officers scuffle on the ground.


During the entire length of the predicament, Robinson continued her live feed via Facebook. One officer began searching the vehicle without the driver’s consent; and when they called him on it, he threatened to pull them out the car as well — if they didn’t go along with the search.

“You wanna be next?” the officer asked with hostility. “Then, sit back!” Specifically, he was talking to Robinson as she attempted to capture his face and badge number on video.

The officers on-scene were basically restricting and ignoring all of their rights. Eventually, authorities told everyone else to step out of the vehicle — performing a search on them as well.

Even while having a right to record the situation, cops told Robinson and the driver they needed to leave their phones in the car.

One female officer attempted to take Robinson’s phone away. However, Robinson told her “not to reach” for her if she didn’t want the same reciprocated.

Instead of leaving the phone in their car, Robinson dropped it to the ground near her feet. After the search, Robinson, the driver, and 8-year-old girl were told to get back into the vehicle and sit there.


It’s truly a shame that this little girl had to witness such a thing at her young age. And as you’ll hear from the video, her parents have already given her protocol on how to make it home safely if she ever encounters a police situation.

In the video, she mentioned as follows.

“I’m scared [for] Jalen’s life…this the first time he ever got arrested; this the first time he ever got pulled over. My mom told me to always keep my hands up…you know what you gotta do, Payge.”

“They say to keep your hands up cause you don’t have any weapons on you,” the little girl elaborates.

One Facebook commentator, Tamara Harrison, stated as follows.

“That 8 yr old is going to be scared for a long time!!! Bless her heart all of them! I just don’t know what I’d do if it were my child in that situation. This has to stop!! Thank God they are still all breathing.”

“Then they wonder why so many have a I don’t care attitude,” Harrison continues. “D**n if you do d**n if you don’t. Keep y’all head up stay strong and I salute all of you for the way the situation was handled on your end! You should not have had to go through that but you all showed just how strong we are and I hope something is done to those idiots who did that to you!”


As the footage continued, the sergeant on duty came over to the car to question the women — asking the driver and Robinson replicated questions while taking their stories. But Robinson picked up on the potential danger of the situation, and she asked, “Is this an official statement?”

Neither of the women had a lawyer present, so surely Robinson didn’t want to get caught up in some junk by a verbal technicality. Well, once the sergeant noticed Robinson was recording the encounter, he became aggressive.

“Seriously??” the sergeant asked in a condescending tone. He continued addressing Robinson by stating that, while it’s her right to record, it’s “rude” of her to do so.

That, in itself, deserves a “seriously??” as well.

Eventually, officers said they were going to take Jalen down to the station anyway, and he would be free to leave that location in approximately an hour or so.

They were told they could come to the station to pick him up; however, there was no guarantee that another officer — one who wasn’t involved in the current traffic stop — wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to pull them over again, since they have no headlights. The video added once family arrived.

If you’re interested in the video footage, it’s located below.

In an attempt to gain more information, The Black Loop contacted Quelle Robinson for a comment. However, she didn’t immediately respond to the request.

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[Featured Photo via screengrab]

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