Woman Finds Herself In Police Custody After Going On Facebook Live (Video)

Posted On : 04/19/2017

After a week of distributing footage from Easter Sunday shooter, Steve Stephens, and the New York man who was fleeing from police and jumped to his death, all with on Facebook Live…this thing is taking on a life of it’s own. Facebook Live is one of the most prolific technologies to be easily available to all of us, yet it has become a double edged sword. It’s the good, bad, and ugly of what’s going on with folks. Now here’s another situation that didn’t end tragically, but it does display how extreme people are.

Markesha Wilkerson was enjoying herself so much at Chuck E. Cheese that she decided to go live on Facebook. However, she was surprised to discover that the police had been watching.

Not The Smartest Move:

Markesha Wilkerson was enjoying herself at Chuck E. Cheese. She was having such a good time that she decided to go “Live” on Facebook  to inform her followers of what she was up to. Laughing and wearing a big smile, she filmed herself dancing with Chuck E. and following him around. It seems like Wilkerson may have forgotten one tiny detail.

Peep the video below:

It seems like Wilkerson forgot that the police had a warrant out for her arrest when she posted the video to Facebook Live. As she was posing with Chuck E. Cheese, the police was on their way to Lakeland, Florida to arrest her. Wilkerson was wanted for improper display of a firearm and a failure to appear in court. At 12 years old, Wilkerson committed crimes as a juvenile and had faced 12 other juvenile charges, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s office.


The Polk County’s Sheriff office is grateful that Wilkerson posted her whereabouts on Facebook live that they have a message for other wanted criminals.

Stupid criminals are really appreciated, Sheriff Grady Judd said to WTSP. We highly recommend that when we’re out looking for you that you immediately post all of your information that you can on Facebook, Instagram, tweet it out, however you want, because that helps us.

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