‘Dear F**king Kids’ — Mom Fed Up With Kids Stealing Her Desserts, Let’s Everybody Have It

Posted On : 08/23/2018

UNITED STATES — As a parent, or even someone living with other people, you know full-well the frustrations that come with other people eating your food. Well, this woman is done with it.

You’ve probably experienced it before — you leave home with food in the refrigerator and think about it all day. You’ve imagined yourself taking each and every bite, savoring each morsel to the last savory drop.

Then, when you get home, you find out someone has encroached on those foodie dreams by touching what was yours, leaving you with crumbed nightmares and disgust.

Assuredly, you’re not alone. In a Facebook post uploaded by Shovan K. Ambush, a mom shared similar experiences regarding her kids.


According to Ambush’s photo, the mom had a frozen dessert in her freezer — a six-pack of Klondike Bars. The image indicates that she tagged everyone in the house within a group message, everyone with a phone anyway.

“Dear f**king kids, or to whom this may concern…” the mother began, “d**nit, please stop eating all my Klondike Bars!!!! I went in the kitchen and there are only two left.”

“Lets do some quick math….Now, if Mama had six Klondike Bars, and never ate one…but two remained, how many Bars did a little greedy mother F**ker eat???? I’ll wait b***hes…”

But, she didn’t wait too long before expounding more regarding the household thievery.

“You give up?” the woman asked. “The answer is (imma whop [sic] somebody a** if y’all keep f**king with my s**t) Thank you for your time! N*ggas!”

However, after all of that, you’d think she was done going in, right? Nope. Apparently from the image, there are people in the house who might’ve not received the message. So, to ensure everyone else relays the memo, she added the following statements.

“And that goes for your no phone having brother and your Grandma too!!!! She probably gummed my s**t up!”

Look, for real. Real tears are happening over here. Her response is hilarious, but also very accurate to the way many people feel about their stuff — especially their food — being touched, used, or depleted without their permissions.

NOTE: Now, there’s no confirmation the conversation is actually from Shovan, herself. By any count, it could simply be a meme she decided to upload to her page. However, the conversation is an interesting one, nonetheless.

So far, Ambush’s post — whether hers originally or not — has garnered over 36,000 Facebook shares, alone. Likewise, there are approximately 4,900 comments on the post to-date.

If you’re interested in reading the post for yourself, it’s located below.

WARNING: The following photo contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

All in all, what are your thoughts about this mother’s reaction? Can you relate? If you’ve had similar experiences, how did you handle them? We’d love to know your story.

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[Featured Photo via GLK / Twitter]

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