Woman Who Posted R. Kelly’s Bail, Explains Why She Did It

Posted On : 02/27/2019
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He Was Broke

Apparently Love said that she posted bail for R. Kelly not because he was broke, but because they’re friends and that he was going to post bond by Thursday anyway.

She also said that when she spoke to R. Kelly and he pleaded his innocence to her saying that he did not do these awful things to these girls/women. Love said that there are three sides to every story….his side, the victims and the truth. Where she got the money to post bond for Kelly is also unknown.

Love just told the reporter that it wasn’t her money or Kelly’s money. Ironically Kelly was seen at a McDonald’s in Chicago shortly after he was bailed out, which was the same McDonalds that he reportedly met one of his accusers, but Love, the woman who got him out of jail, defended R. Kelly in a 14 minute video saying that he is a “Gentleman” and that he did not do these acts. And as her friend she believes his innocence.

Chicago Should Focus On Other Cases?

Love mentioned that prosecutors need to focus their attention away from prosecuting R. Kelly and that they should focus on other cases and crimes in Chicago that have gone unsolved and/or forgotten. She talked specifically about a case involving a female Chicago Postal worker that has been missing and how the media has people focused on things that aren’t important. In her comments she talked about how some priests that are alleged to be “sleeping with 5 and 6 year old children” need to go to jail.

This is all true but this case with R. Kelly is important too. People need to hear about what’s going on. Love also defended herself saying that she is “not in support of any pedophile” and that Kelly was going to “get out regardless” and that Kelly will have his chance in court to “prove if he’s innocent or guilty”. But really Valencia, was this the right thing to do? I think she put herself out in some very, very tricky waters. Tell me what you think?  Did she mess up by revealing herself?

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