Woman Details How She Was Repeated Raped By Prison Guard Over Course Of 3YR Sentence

Posted On : 01/12/2018

A former inmate is finally speaking out about the harrowing sexual abuse she suffered behind bars at a correctional facility in Brooklyn, New York. According to AM New York, on Tuesday, 9, Lt. Carlos Martinez began his trial in a federal court in Brooklyn. The alleged victim, who was only referred to as “Maria,” was sentenced to three years at the Metropolitan Detention Center for her alleged involvement in drug trafficking. During the trial, the woman shared graphic details about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Martinez while in jail.

Repeatedly Raped:

In court, she gave her testimony with the assistance of an interpreter. The woman admitted that she’d initially remained silent because she believed no one would take her allegations seriously due to his position. “I didn’t want any problems,” the woman told prosecutor Nadia Shihata. “I didn’t want to be there a single day longer . . . He’s a man who has a certain position. Who’s going to believe a person who’s a criminal versus a person who has a position, a life. No.”

After identifying Lt. Martinez, the victim gave a four-hour testimony where she graphically described the types of abuse she suffered. She accused Martinez of forcing her to perform oral sex and endure unprotected sexual intercourse. On one occasion, Martinez reportedly raped the victim on a desk in a deserted office at the prison. The victim also stated that Martinez told her “the sex was safe” because he’d had a vasectomy. She soon learned that was a lie because he smuggled a Morning After pill to her. She revealed he even used his Rite Aid Rewards card to get a discount on the purchase of the pill.“It was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” said the woman. “He killed me inside.”

The woman admitted she didn’t report the attacks until after she was released because Martinez warned her that life behind bars would be even worse if she reported the abuse. She also revealed female inmates weren’t sympathetic either because they felt “she was lucky to be getting sex in prison.”

A Growing Problem In The Prison:

Martinez is one of three Metropolitan Detention Center guards facing charges for sexual misconduct toward inmates. The correctional facility has been at the center of scrutiny for quite some time due to the poor living conditions for female inmates. Martinez was, ironically, assigned as an in-house trainer of the prison guards’ responsibilities under the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. Now he is facing charges for the very act he was hired to combat. Lt. Carlos Martinez has been charged with 20 counts of depriving the woman of her civil rights and sexual abuse. Prosecutor Shihata argued that the case is a classic example of “power and abuse.” The trial is still underway.

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