Woman’s Testimony Nearly Starts Riot In Church

Posted On : 01/29/2018

LOCATION TBD — A woman’s church testimony turned into her mother threatening her, saying God’s going to kill her.

Note: Throughout history, people have used God as a means of terror and silence; all the while, God had little-to-nothing to do with any of their endeavors. Seems like the cycle continues here.

The woman giving the testimony begins by introducing herself as Sophia Lawrence.

According to Sophia, something horrible happened to her when she was only 8 years old. During her testimony, she reveals that she’s a rape survivor.

However, that’s not what sent the church into a frenzy.


While giving her testimony, Sophia calls up her son. He’s 8. Possibly as a visual demonstration, she used him to emphasize her point regarding the age and innocence she had at the time.

As will be seen in the video, Sophia’s mother is sitting quietly in the front row the whole time. That silence broke when Sophia pointed out to the congregation that it was her mother’s ex-boyfriend who raped her.

“I was raped at 8-and-a-half years old. I kept it to myself because I didn’t know who to trust….I was 8-and-a-half when my mother’s boyfriend took my childhood away from me …… but God.”

Immediately, her mom stood up:

“No, no, no! The blood of Jesus. She is lying. And the blood of Jesus against you!”

The mother threatened Sophia by saying God was going to kill her for lying.

The devil! My God! God will kill you for that!” her mother exclaimed! She continued with “The blood of Jesus is against you!

According to Sophia Lawrence, her mother allegedly knew about the abuse. She says her mom had just come to her days before the testimony. Sophia pointed out that she, too, was raped.


Well, although Sophia’s mother caused a scene, other congregation members came up to restrain Lawrence, herself — as she continued trying to talk about what happened.

They took the microphone from her. And, the pastor ended up dismissing the service.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

Note: Interestingly enough, the band started playing as if they were going to commercial break.

Nevertheless, according to Christian PostClaros Agnatic Morean commented on the situation as follows.

“This is so common in many households where mothers turn a blind eye to sexual abuse because they fear being alone. I am proud of this woman and she needs to remove herself from that s**thole of a church.”

The source says the comment received over 1,000 reactions via Facebook.

The Christian Post notes that another commentator, Eboni Brandon, also mentioned as follows.

“I don’t need to know her. I grew up and live in the Caribbean in a Caribbean household. This s**t happens and our families act blind, deaf and dumb and would rather not deal with it. And this doesn’t just happen in homes where mothers are turning a blind eye for a buck from a man. It happens in respected middle class homes like the one I grew up in where it’s better to hush the whole thing up to avoid scandal. I don’t take back a d**n word of what I said. In the Caribbean if it didn’t happen to you, it sure as hell happened to someone you knew.”

The source says the name of the church appears to be Agape Life. However, its location wasn’t immediately known. Likewise, the source was unable to verify what happened after the woman’s testimony was abruptly ended.

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