[Graphic] Miracle, Woman’s Body Burns From The Inside Out And She’s Still Alive

Posted On : 05/11/2017

A truly saddening story. When this woman felt like she was really on fire, it turned out to be a reaction which would slowly melt her skin from her body.

WARNING: This report contains sensitive photos which may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA — There may be nothing sadder than this story. While 26-year-old Khaliah Shaw thought she was getting treated for depression, she found out it was creating far more problems for her.

‘This did not have to happen’…

According to Fox News, Khaliah’s condition is the result of a pharmaceutical error. She was given the wrong medication during a treatment.

“This was not just some sort of fluke in my opinion. This happened as a direct (sic) result of somebody’s error.”

As a consequence, her body reacted in an extreme way.

Khaliah Shaw II
Khalian Shaw after her reaction placed her in the hospital.

Khaliah’s body began to burn from the inside out.

Khaliah Shaw III
Khaliah’s condition only worsened as time passed.

While spending three weeks in a medically-induced coma, her skin begin to peel off.

Khaliah Shaw IV
Khaliah had to be wrapped to protect her exposed flesh.

Steven Johnson Syndrome…

SJS is a skin disorder that’s “typically caused by an adverse reaction to medication,” says Fox News.

However, Khaliah described the sensation very differently.

“It essentially causes your body to burn from the inside out, and you pretty much just melt…I never heard of Steven Johnson Syndrome until I was in the hospital with my skin melting off my body. That’s when I learned what it was.”

Khaliah Shaw V
Khaliah’s recovery has been a painful experience.

Here’s what happened…

In 2014, Khaliah was feeling depressed. So, doctors prescribed Lamictal. Fox News mentions that it’s an “anti-seizure medication sometimes used to treat bipolar disorders.”

Two weeks after taking the medication, she started breaking out in painful blisters. That’s when she felt like she was on fire.

On top of all this, Khaliah lost her fingernails and sweat glands. But worse, she’s slowly going blind.

Khaliah Shaw VI
Thankfully, Khaliah Shaw isn’t suffering like this any longer.

This whole situation is just horrible!


As of date, Khaliah has accrued over $3.4 million in medical expenses. Likewise, it’s been expected that to continue increasing, as long as she keeps receiving treatment.

Khaliah Shaw VII
After Khaliah’s skin started growing back.

And unfortunately, doctors are telling her it’s possible SJS will flare up once again.

“They’re telling me this could happen again, and they’re telling me if it did happen again, that it would be worse.”

Yet, according to Palm Beach Post, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was sued in 2012 for Lamictal. Apparently, they were promoting the drug without disclosing its full risks.

They were sued for $3 billion after being found guilty of “criminal negligent charges for allegations of fraud and failure to report product safety data for the drug.”

Absolute madness. Smh.

Who could even begin to imagine Khaliah’s pain?


Regardless of pain and patience, she’s recovering well. Khaliah still has the same vibrant smile she had before the incident.

She even looks more like her old self.

According to her website, she’s sharing her information and photos to tell her story, in hopes it could help someone possibly going through something similar.

She says you should always be educated about the medicine you’re taking.

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[Featured Photo via Khaliah Shaw]

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