Woman Argues With Husband Over Air Conditioner — Next, His Testicles Are Missing

Posted On : 06/19/2018

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — She says she didn’t mean to hurt her husband, but only wanted to scare him. Well, it looks like she succeeded at both.

According to CBS-47 Jacksonville, a 35-year-old Florida woman by the name of Kimberly Dunn is being held in Columbia County Jail after having assaulted her ex-husband.

Woman Argues With Husband Over Air Conditioner — Next, His Testicles Are Missing

Reportedly, the situation began as the couple were going through divorce. While dividing up property, the husband found out Dunn was planning on selling their air conditioner on Facebook without mutual consent.

So, he and his brother decided to drive over to Dunn’s and confiscate it before she could complete the transaction.


Well, CBS reports that Dunn was pretty stern in her fight as well. In protest, she sat atop the air conditioner unit while her soon-to-be-ex-husband and his brother attempted to take it.

Reportedly, she refused to let them. So, physically, her then-husband tried to remove her from atop the unit. That’s when she pulled out a pink stun gun and attempted to electrocute him.

Yet, the source states that Dunn was struck in the head and fell to the floor. It didn’t specify who or what struck her.

However… …

When she fell to the floor, she dropped the stun gun — along with an actual handgun.

According to the source, Dunn got up from the floor and pulled the handgun on her husband, aiming at and shooting him in the testicles.

Realizing what just happened, the man’s brother raged — screaming out, “You shot my brother!” At that point, the brother lunged at Dunn and began choking her.

Reportedly, he choked the woman until she passed out.


The source states that after the woman was out, Dunn’s ex-husband collected the handgun and his brother drove him to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

CBS-47 notes that Kimberly Dunn was arrested the same day and was taken to Columbia County Jail. During questioning, she told deputies that she didn’t mean to physically hurt her ex-husband but only intended to scare him, as aforementioned.

According to the source, she was only charged with aggravated battery.

This incident happened in October 2017, and apparently she was out on bail — although the source does not specify the bond which was set.

Nevertheless, she was supposed to arrive at court regarding the case last week but failed to make that appearance.

More time…

So, Dunn was arrested again and booked into Columbia County Jail on Thursday, June 14, on a contempt of court charge. International Business Times states as follows.

“Dunn’s failure to show up to face her original charges earned her an additional contempt of court charge, which according to the records, do not carry a bond.”

All in all, what are your thoughts about this situation? Do you think the air conditioner was worth the man’s testicles? Who should’ve been the smarter one to walk away?

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