NIGHTMARE FUEL: Woman ‘Undergoes 50 Surgeries’ For Angelina Jolie Look — But It’s Horrifying

Posted On : 11/30/2017

IRAN — This teen’s obsession with Angelina Jolie looks like something out of Netflix’s “Horror” category. Yet, she’s convinced she looks like the actress now.

According to Mirror U.K., an Iranian teen — 19-year-old Sahar Tabar — has amassed an enormous online following after sharing her journey towards “becoming Angelina Jolie.”

Woman Undergoes 50 Surgeries For 'Angelina Jolie' Look I
Sahar Tabar, BEFORE undergoing her “transformation.”

Note: Real talk. If you were to see this girl walking toward you at night, you just might s**t your pants, depending on what you’ve eaten.

WARNING: The following photos contain sensitive images which some may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

داشيامو دوس دارم..!???

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Once, Tabar looked like a normal woman … a human, even. But now…

پيشيم نابه..!??? از اينجا خريدمش?? @sezar_petshop @sezar_petshop

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***Please … please peep the cat, though. “What strange hell is this??”***


Honestly, maybe it’s all just some cruel joke, and she’s making fun of the way Angelina Jolie looks.

Although the teen claims to have undergone 50 surgeries to appear as “Jolie,” Photoshop enthusiasts state she’s altering photos of herself rather than it being her actual face.

They could have a point.

On November 26, she posted a video and looks “normal.”

عقده هاتونو خالي كنيد..!???

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If she’s just joking around, she definitely needs to be awarded “Troll of the Year,” ASAP!

Why’s she ragging on Angelina like that? (Crying laughing.)


A post shared by سحرتبر..!?✌? (@sahartabar_official) on

Nevertheless, after sharing pictures to Instagram, she began to amass her current 323,000 following.

Several believe the teen’s story to be plausible. Likewise, multiple major entertainment publications have run with the story — including Hollywood Life and Daily Mail.

But, all in all, Tabar — if this is simply Photoshop work — is dragging Angelina through the social mud right now.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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