Finally! American White Supremacist Is Labeled ‘Terrorist’ By Police

Posted On : 01/06/2018

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA — As we know and realize, most of this country’s domestic terrorist acts have factually been committed by Caucasians. It’s about time authorities finally call it.

Note: Or maybe it’s just the midwest who has enough honesty to acknowledge terrorism when they see it?…Naaaah. But, whatever the case, here are the details.

According to Associated Press (AP), 26-year-old Taylor Wilson from St. Charles, Missouri has been charged with terrorism attacks after having stopped an Amtrak train in Nebraska.

He was armed at the time and is believed to have ties to white supremacist groups.

The source notes that documents were unsealed Wednesday, January 3, in Lincoln’s U.S. District Court. They show Wilson’s charges, along with “other violence against railroad carriers and mass transportation systems.”


AP reports that Wilson was a ticketed passenger aboard the eastbound California Zephyr. There were approximately 175 other passengers on the train headed to Chicago from California.

Allegedly, Wilson entered one of the train’s restricted areas and enabled the emergency brake in an attempt to derail the transportation vehicle.

However, instead, the train made a sudden stop — leaving passengers to sit in darkness for more than an hour, as mentions rider Bobbie Garris. Garris states as follows.

“We lunged forward in our seats and all the power went out, it went completely black. We could smell something burning and I’m going to guess that was the brakes.”


According to the source, Amtrak staff searched the train and found Wilson in the engineer’s seat of the follow engine. Reportedly, Wilson was “behaving erratically and playing with the controls.”

By the time authorities arrived to the scene, Amtrak employees had Wilson pinned. To make matters worse, the terrorist had a loaded revolver, extra ammunition, and a knife in his possession.

Fortunately for everyone aboard the train, there were no injuries, and his plan ultimately failed.

During investigation, the FBI found evidence of Wilson’s activities with white supremacist groups.

This even includes a business card for the National Socialist Movement in Detroit — a neo-Nazi group. AP reports as follows.

“FBI agents searched Wilson’s home in December and found a tactical vest, 15 firearms, ammunition and white supremacy documents and paperwork. Wilson has been ruled competent to stand trial.”

Wilson was arrested on December 23, 2017 and is now in federal custody. However, according to his lawyer — Jerry Sena — he plans to plead not guilty to the charges against him.

All in all, what are your thoughts about this homegrown terrorist? Please feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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