White People, Please Stop — Blueberry Mac And Cheese Is The Last Straw

Posted On : 04/30/2018

UNITED STATES — How nice would it be to go back to a time when mac and cheese was just that… … macaroni and cheese, nothing more. Blueberries?? Bruh.

While we wished this recipe was fake, there’s really no way to falsify such a thing. It’s definitely making its rounds through the Internet.

White People, Please Stop — Blueberry Mac And Cheese Is The Last Straw
Photo via Eileen Gray.

Even comedian KevOnStage had a few words to say about the “dessert pasta.”

“Every day, we stray further and further from God’s light! They took prayer out of schools first, and we let’m. Now, they done put blueberries in macaroni and cheese! And who will fight for the justice of macaroni and cheese??”

According to Kev, this food dish is simply an “abomination.”

“Say it with me: ‘Fruits and vegetables do not belong in mac and cheese!'” Kev elaborates, extensively. “You CANNOT put blueberries in mac and cheese! ON THE HOOD, I’m ready to fight!”

Check out his take on the recipe below.


According to research, this blueberry concoction was created by Eileen Gray.

“I started my working life as a systems analyst for a computer company, but realized pretty soon that I belonged in the kitchen,” Gray mentions via her website.

Belongs in WHOSE kitchen?? And she says she’s been a baker for as long as she can remember.

Via her site, she reminisces on the days of playing with her Easy Bake Oven. Looking at this blueberry nonsense, it seems like she’s still using it. Smh.

“Since every one of my recipes is the result of years of trial and error and many, many hours in the kitchen, I ask that if you post the recipe you give me the proper credit and link back to the original recipe.”

By all means, Eileen, you shall receive ALL the credit. Matter of fact, here’s the link to the blueberry “dessert.”

NOTE: There’s also vanilla bean extract, cream cheese, and sugar in this macaroni dish. . . .Have you no shame, Eileen!? Have you no shame?

Nevertheless, special notes for Gray’s mac and cheese dish include, verbatim as follows:

  • Make sure to cook the macaroni “al dente”. Leaving the pasta slightly undercooked will allow it to absorb the sauce as it bakes.
  • If you combine the white sauce with the cream cheese mixture while the sauce is very hot the mixture will look curdled. Allow the sauce to cool to a very slightly warm or room temperature.
  • Just like savory macaroni and cheese, this is best still warm from the oven. Leftovers can be refrigerated and re-warmed.


There’s this strange urge to try it!

White People, Please Stop — Blueberry Mac And Cheese Is The Last Straw I
Photo via Eileen Gray.

It goes against everything “mac and cheese,” but there are folks [possibly including myself] in the comments saying they wouldn’t buy it for themselves. However, if someone were to offer them a sample, they’d give it a shot.

Facebook user Michael J. Newton referred to Eileen as “Karen” during one of his comments.

“I’m not a betting man, but I’ll wager that for her next diabolical trick, Karen is going to try making pumpkin spice macaroni and cheese,” Newton states.

Maybe we should take words from KevOnStage for that one: “ON THE HOOD, I’m ready to fight!”

All in all, what are your thoughts about Eileen Gray’s blueberry macaroni “dessert pasta”? Have you ever seen anything like this? Would you like to try it?

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[Featured Photo via Eileen Gray]

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