Man Runs Over And Kills Man On His Birthday, Brags About Incident On SnapChat

Posted On : 06/13/2018

A white Louisiana man is facing serious backlash for his callous, racist comments about a black male he ran over with his pickup truck. According to USA Today, 18-year-old Matthew Martin of Hineston, LA not only hit the young man but also took to SnapChat to share his reaction to the incident. While most people would have probably been shaken after killing someone, Martin didn’t seem that way at all. In fact, his callous reaction has sparked outrage on social media and the victim’s family is demanding justice.

The Accident:

It has been reported that on May 29, Sherell “Rell” Lewis, a local barber described as a Good Samaritan, was moving debris to the side of the road at the time of the accident. According to the Louisiana State Police, Martin was driving a red 2003 Chevy pickup truck on U.S. 171 north of Pickering – approximately 200 miles northwest of New Orleans – when he struck Lewis. The 31-year-old man was transported to Byrd Regional Hospital in Leesville, LA where he was later pronounced dead. Sadly, May 29th was also Lewis’ 31st birthday. At this point, Martin has yet to be charged as all of the circumstances surrounding Lewis’ remain unknown. But one thing is very clear. Martin doesn’t seem to care very much about the situation despite the fact someone lost their life.

The SnapChat Posts:

Shortly after Lewis’ death, Martin took to SnapChat with photos of his dented truck. He captioned the post, “Y’all, I just hit a whole guy on the highway.” A friend commented on the post asking Martin about the person he hit. He callously replied, “some n****r.” However, it seems Martin’s friend is cut from the same cloth because he seemed more concerned about the truck than the man who lost his life.

Martin: Some ni–er

Friend: How did the chevy take it?

Martin: F—ed it up pretty good lol

Friend: It’ll buff out. Did the guy die on impact or what

Martin: No he died otw to the hospital

Now screenshots of the conversation are going viral on social media. To many social media users, the posts have sparked outrage for various reasons. The man’s lack of regard for the person he killed in addition to the fact that he hasn’t been hit with any charges has people everywhere in an uproar. Most people insist the posts are another reason why Martin should be charged.

Via Snapchat


Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office Responds:

Since the posts have gone viral, people have been flooding the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office with complaints. In wake of the heightened controversy surrounding Lewis’ death, Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft has released a statement to address the situation. In the statement, Sheriff Craft also confirmed that the Louisiana State Police would be handling the investigation into Lewis’ death. He also encouraged anyone with information to contact the law enforcement agency. “I am appalled at the content of the social media messages that were posted after the incident. This post is unacceptable and has no place in our society. The inflammatory words that were used were morally wrong. I have the utmost confidence in the Louisiana State Police and their ability to thoroughly investigate this incident. I encourage any citizen who has information regarding the accident to contact the Louisiana State Police – Troop E, Alexandria, La. (318) 487-5911”.

Right now, it is still unclear whether or not Martin will be charged in connection with the death of Sherell Lewis.

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