White Father Puts Black Woman In Chokehold After ‘Racial Remark’

Posted On : 06/14/2018

A disturbing video has emerged of a grown man choking a black woman in a Floridian restaurant.

The father claims he came to the defense of his daughter after she was being punched by the woman.

Footage shows the brawl erupting inside a Zaxby’s restaurant in Eatonville, Florida, on Wednesday.

The fight between two female friends and a father and her daughter reportedly began as a result of ‘racist remarks’, though it is unclear what was said.

The Video Went Viral


The video, which has since gone viral, was recorded on a mobile and posted to social media.

It shows an argument quickly escalating into a physical altercation.

One of two black women in line is seen stepping closer toward a young girl who seems to be in a teens or early twenties.

One of the black woman then shoves the girl, prompting her father to intervene.

‘You’re going to be arrested, f***, get the f*** off my daughter!’ he tells the woman.

The footage then appears to cut to a different scene moments later.

No Arrests Have Been Made

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The man’s daughter is then thrown into a beverage dispenser.

This prompts her father to put the woman who pushed his daughter into a chokehold, dragging her to the ground.

The woman’s friend is then seen beating the daughter over the head while dragging her.

A male bystander is then seen intervening, trying to get the other female to stop hitting the young girl.

The fight was eventually stopped and police were called to the restaurant, but no arrests were made. 

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