White Business Owner Pays Price For Posting Picture Of NFL Fans, ‘Ignorant N*ggers’

Posted On : 09/12/2017

You would think that when a White man is bold enough to call a Black couple “ignorant n*ggers” he would defend his actions rather than go into hiding. But the owner of Restaurant Liquidation Auctions in Pontiac, Mi., unexpectedly closed up shop on Monday. Apparently he couldn’t take the heat, so he got out the kitchen.


Now David Doptis didn’t exactly confront anybody. He took a picture of Stacey Graham and her Black male friend because they remained seated during the national anthem at the Lions game. Doptis captioned the photo with some ugly comments about their apparent protest and then followed it up with the racial slur.

“You wana sit down for the national anthem?” Doptis wrote. “You don’t like our country then get the f*ck outttt.”

The bigoted business owner posted the photo to his Snapchat and Facebook accounts. By the time the game was over, the photo had gone viral. Graham had no idea that her picture had even been taken because her phone needed to be charged. When she did check her phone, she had received a message from a friend alerting her about the horrific image.

Deny, Deny, Deny…

Members of the press reached out to Doptis and initially he denied everything.

“I didn’t post any pictures, any collages, anything,” Doptis said to Fox 2 News. “I don’t know where that even came from.”

Doptis found a little courage and then took to his Facebook page and wrote, “Yeah I posted that.” However, the man went on to fabricate a story about “the two old men that were probably 80 years old” who were supposedly standing behind Graham with their Marine Corps hats placed over their hearts. According to Doptis, both men pleaded with Graham and her friend to stand with them. She said that never happened.

Paying The Price

Well, now Doptis seems to be in hiding. The once-proud patriot and White nationalist has deleted his social media accounts and is not answering calls from the press. Even his voicemail is full. What happened to all that bravado?

Posted by Detroit's Black Business Listings on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Graham hopes that the Detroit Lions organization revokes his season tickets or at least moves her seats for the rest of the season. Doptis went too far and deserves to pay a hefty price for his racist, hateful act. If things are going to get any better, people like Doptis have to be called out for their crap.

“We’ve got to build our country back together,” Graham said. “We’ve got to come together, whatever that may mean. But that’s going in the opposite direction–the racial slur, that’s going backwards.”

Indeed it is. But until Doptis gets a clue, his doors will likely remain closed. Tragic.

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