White Boy Assaults Black Teen After She Asked Him And His Friends To Stop Using The N-Word

Posted On : 11/03/2017

A White male student at a California high school physically assaulted a 14-year-old Black girl because she threatened to report his friend for using a racial slur. But because of Dublin Unified School District policy, the boy may not be expelled from the school for the hate crime.

“I was coming from a class, and I heard someone in the corner using the N-word and I turned to tell him not to say that,” the Dublin High School student told KRON 4 News.

The White boys apparently didn’t like being corrected, but she insisted that they stop before she reported them to school officials.

“I told them that language was very inappropriate, and so I said I am going to report this to a campus supervisor or someone with authority who can tell them that this is wrong,” she continued.

The Parents Want Justice

A friend of the boy who used the slur suddenly attacked her. He punched her in the face, mouth, and head causing several injuries. In spite of the brutal attack, use of the racial slurs, and the girl’s decision NOT to fight back, the school is calling the altercation a ‘fight’ and has yet to remove the attacker from campus. The girl and her parents are furious and they want justice.

“Justice would be expelling that young man from campus,” her father Kenny Grant said. “I would like for there to be a no-tolerance policy on using the N-word. I don’t care what color the student is.”

The District No-Tolerance Policy Is Conditional

But the school district insists that they already have such a policy in place. They claim to have no tolerance for racist behaviors, however, their policy states that students would have to have a prior history of racist speech or violent actions before they would be subjected to expulsion.

“It is not tolerated in Dublin Schools and we address each issue when it comes up on a case-by-case basis,” district spokeswoman Michelle McDonald said.

The District Should Do More

It is quite possible that the girl will have to see this boy everyday at school going forward. Vivian Grant, the victim’s mother, is upset that school officials are not taking the matter more seriously. Her daughter was hurt and degraded. Someone should answer for that.

“It’s a violent crime, she had to defend herself,” Vivian said. “She didn’t fight back. She chose not to because she thought that might not be the best thing to do, but there is an element of fear because I know she is still hurting.”

The Grant’s daughter wants the school to take action to ensure that she and her peers are safe.

“I want the school to remove the student from campus because he may do something like this again, maybe not to me, but to somebody else,” she said.

The greater community is outraged as well. A former student was arrested for calling in a bomb threat on Thursday because of the way this matter was handled. the suspect has turned herself in to authorities, but it sounds like Dublin officials need to get out in front of this–and fast.

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