WTF Is This!? Kappa Kappa Psi Probably Mad As Hell Right Now

Posted On : 02/23/2017

One of the public staples of “Greek Life” is the ability to stroll and finesse as one. But, THIS band frat just looks like “Tai Chi Gone Wrong.”

— Location: Somewhere Looking for Answers

As of yet, there are no answers for the amount and degree of confusion displayed in the following video.

The concept of strolling will be, forever, marked with this fraternity’s example of what not to do.

This is just a disgrace to, both, strolling and Tai Chi.

As you can see, “Kappa Kappa Omega” line members were actually proud of that abomination. Well, at least, that’s what their shirts read anyway.

Given that this is some sort of renegade band fraternity, maybe Kappa Kappa Psi would assist them in “the way, the truth, and the light.”

Cause, the path they’re on is sending them straight to hell with that hand-linking “train of tribulation.” Smh.

Greek Life Integration

Mind you, no one has said that the “Divine Nine” (Plus KK Psi) had to be exclusively “Black.” Just as there are non-Blacks who attend HBCUs, they can pledge all the same.

And, some have made the line.

Take Sam White for example. TMZ has labeled him the “coolest white guy in the world.” Why?

Well, Sam pledged Kappa Alpha Psi.

Sam White - Kappa Alpha Psi

And, he’s tight with the shimmy.

Surely, there were several Blacks whose shimmy looked like total seizures, and they didn’t make the cut.

Sam simply brought it! Just like any other “crabs,” they all have to BRING IT!

Yet, all Kappa Kappa Omega brought was a sacrifice to the gods of embarrassment and lament.

Heck, even if they had one person on the line like Dancing Dan, it would’ve — at least — compensated for their group failure.

Well, nonetheless, congrats to this band frat for their ego sacrifice to the gods.

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