Wait A Minute — Drake Has Two Grown Sisters, And They Are Fine

Posted On : 06/19/2018

TORONTO, CANADA — We’ve all seen and heard plenty regarding Dennis and Sandi Graham. But, it seems Drake also has two sisters in the mix as well. And they’re gorgeous!

Interestingly, this isn’t something that’s really made major celebrity headlines. However, one would think it’s noteworthy information, considering the level of notoriety Drizzy possesses in the world.

According to Bustle, one of the sisters is named Raemiah Julianna.

There isn’t much information about her via social media. It’s possible she doesn’t want to be in the limelight like her brother. But… …here she is. Drake’s sibling.

And the funny thing is: Drake has mentioned her various times via social media, and even in song.

Back in 2011, he posted about her on Twitter.

Likewise, within the last five years, he posted a nostalgic pic of her via Instagram.

@raemiahjulianna 🙂 lil sis

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Unfortunately, when attempting to research her page from the link, it’s no longer available. As aforementioned, maybe she just doesn’t want a social media life?

However, in another post from Drake, he notes another possible page of hers, under “Raemoneyyy.”

Wait A Minute — Drake Has Two Grown Sisters, AND They're Fine - Julianna I
Photo of Raemiah and Drake at the dinner table.

Nevertheless, as you can see, she’s grown into quite the beautiful woman.

Slaymiah Baemiah Raemiah @raemoneyyy

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As mentioned, he has TWO sisters. The other equally mysterious sister is named Stephanie. However, she has more of a social media presence than Raemiah.


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According to Dallas Black, Stephanie is only 2 years younger than Drake. The source mentions that Dennis and Sandi split up when Drizzy was 5 years old. It states as follows.

“Drake hasn’t opened up very often about his family and most fans had no clue he has a sister. It could be the information has been kept on the down-low out of respect for his parents. It appears that his father Dennis may have been stepping out on his mother during their marriage, which led to his sister’s birth.”

However, the source also says Stephanie — mother of three — is a huge fan of her brother and has posted about him from time to time via her own page.

NOTE: As you can see, her screen name is 6ixgirl.b, similar to her brother’s 6ixGod alias.

Wait A Minute — Drake Has Two Grown Sisters, AND They're Fine - Julianna and Steph
In case you were still doubting, here’s a photo with all three together: Drake, Steph, and Rae.


Via their photos, several of Drake’s fans have expressed confusion and bewilderment — believing they were hardcore, die-hard fans … yet, never realizing he had (not one but) TWO sisters.

Likewise, Dennis has posted regarding Stephanie, himself. Last year, he gave her a birthday shoutout via Instagram.

So, yes. This is real. They actually exist. Guess you never really thought about Drizzy’s siblings due to always focusing on him, right?

However, as can be seen, they had a home-life like many other families.

Wait A Minute — Drake Has Two Grown Sisters, AND They're Fine - Julianna II
Drizzy and Raemiah again. Photo via Raemiah Julianna / Twitter.

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[Featured Photo via Instagram]

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