(VIDEO) Teacher Strips Naked On Elementary School Playground, Chases Students

Posted On : 01/23/2018

As bizarre as the title looks, you just can’t make this stuff up. On Friday, January 19, a teacher reportedly stripped naked on the playground at Carthay Center Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA. According to CBS2, the teacher, whose name has been withheld, was supposed to be helping the children during a P.E. class, but things took a disturbing turn when he removed his clothes and began chasing second-graders and fifth-graders.

Naked On the Playground:

During a news interview with the local news outlet, a parent offered a brief account of what happened. “He was supposed to be helping them learn P.E., run around and have fun,” one parent told CBS2. “But he undressed and started chasing the kids while he was naked, and then the kids ducked and dodged, ran into some of the classrooms and got safe haven that way.” A nearby construction worker noticed the incident and managed to capture a portion of it on camera. The unidentified teacher was filmed putting his pants back on while still on the playground.

Complete Devastation:

Later that day, a letter was sent home with students to notify parents about the incident. “An individual began behaving in an unusual way, prompting us to contact law enforcement,” the letter reads in part. “As a safety precaution, our school went on a brief lockdown while officers responded and took the individual into custody.” The school district has indicated that mental health counselors have been made available to the students. But despite being notified, parents are still mortified that their children were subjected to the man’s disturbing behavior. “All of the kids saw his private parts. Very embarrassing, very upset,” said one parent.

LAUSD officials have yet to release further details about the incident as it is still being investigated. However, they have confirmed that the man was approved to be on campus because he is a contract employee. School police have confirmed that they are still investigating to build a case against the teacher involved.

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