(Video) As A Woman Was Getting Viciously Attacked, She Jumped In The Car Of A Stranger

Posted On : 07/04/2017
AJe Pryor

A beautiful woman was enjoying a night out when she was viciously attacked. To seek refuge, she jumped in the car of an unknown man. His response will surprise you.

The Kindness Of Stranger:

It’s the 4th of July weekend and many people are out enjoying the festivities. A Detroit woman, AJe Pryor, was enjoying a night out on the town when she got into an altercation with an unknown woman.

It’s unknown why the women were arguing but the argument began to get out of hand. Finally, security steps in to break up the altercation as it appears the women are ready to get physical. As the women are arguing, a man who calls himself, Linwood Bud, was recording the altercation as he yelled derogatory comments from his vehicle encouraging the women to fight.

See The Video Below:

As the argument ensued between the two ladies, the fight seems to be over as AJe Pryor enters the car of the man recording the altercation, Linwood Bud. Surprising, the woman she was arguing with followed her to the car, opened the door, and began to physically assault Pryor. Instead of intervening or even pulling off, Linwood Bud continued to film the fight and laugh hysterically as the women fought. As the fight ended, the woman that attacked Pryor disappeared. As she tried to compose herself, Pryor chastised Linwood Bud for taping the fight calling him “childish as f*uk”. Continuing to laugh, Linwood shared that he didn’t know the woman.

See The Video Below:

Linwood Bud posted the video to his Facebook page and already the video has been viewed 28,000 times. Many people questioned if Linwood Bud was actually with Pryor. What would make her enter the car of a stranger?

Linwood Bud

The post had generated a lot of conversation with many people questioning Linwood’s response. Apparently, Pryor was intoxicated, however, does that make it ok for her to be attacked? While some people ridiculed Linwood, others came to his defense.

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What are your thoughts? Was Linwood Bud wrong for not intervening or were his actions justifiable?

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