(Video) Woman Convinced Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ Was Written About Her

Posted On : 07/14/2017
Annie, a former model lost her job and found herself homeless with her 14-year-old daughter because of her quest to prove that Michael Jackson’s song Smooth Criminal is about her.

At one point in her life, Annie, the woman pictured above, was a model. Now, she’s homeless and living on the streets with her 14-year-old daughter as she patiently waits for her royalty check from Michael Jackson’s song, Smooth Criminal.

Annie, Are You Ok?

Akeeya, the daughter of a woman named Annie, contacted the Dr. Phil show as she was concerned for her mother and her 14-year-old sister. According to Akeeya, her mother informed her that 30 years ago, she was attacked in her home. The attack that Annie experienced is allegedly identical to what happened to another Annie, the subject of Michael Jackson’s song, Smooth Criminal. Annie claims that Jackson somehow found out about the attack she experienced, and wrote about it in the song. Annie claims the following Smooth Criminal lyrics is a depiction of what happened to her many years ago.

As he came into the window
It was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down, it was her doom

Akeeya, Annie’s daughter

Akeeya is concerned because her mother’s delusional behavior has led to her being homeless with Akeeya’s 14-year-old sister. Annie allegedly refuses to work as she believes that she is owed royalties from Jackson’s song. She even reportedly called Quincy Jones as she feels entitled to money from the song. While Annie doesn’t work, her 14-year-old daughter manages to generate some income for them through her digital graphic business. Then, Annie uses her daughter’s money to get them hotel rooms. Sadly, the 14 year-old is suffering the most as she has not been in school since the 4th grade as Annie is allegedly homeschooling her.

See Akeeya Give Background Info On Her Mother Below:

After Akeeya shared her concerns for her mother with Dr. Phil, Annie took to the stage to explain why she is certain that Michael Jackson was talking about her in Smooth Criminal. Annie revealed that at the time of the song, she was physically abused. Just like the Annie in the song, she too was struck in her bedroom. In addition,  Annie is certain that she saw Jackson’s limousine on the night of her attack. Annie shared that her name is said 46 times in the song. Apparently, Michael allegedly said her name multiple times as he was concerned for her safety. Annie revealed that she has had many things stolen from her in her lifetime. She is convinced that Jackson used her to create the song, Smooth Criminal and she wants to be compensated.

Listen To Annie Speak On Smooth Criminal Below:

Before her mother arrived on stage, Akeeya shared that her mother’s delusional behavior is not limited to Micheal Jackson. Akeeya told Dr. Phil that her mother claims she knows celebrities like The Rock. She also stated that her mother informer her that her 14-year-old daughter’s father would spy on her in the form of 6 different people.  Akeeya also stated that her mother constantly believes that neighbors are spying on her and that someone actually entered her home to steal her underwear. When confronted with those claims, Annie disputed them as if her daughter’s claims were untrue.

Annie Addressed Claims That She’s Delusional:

To help Annie understand that Smooth Criminal is not about her, Dr. Phil invited Michael Jackson’s former sound/audio engineer, Matt Forger, who worked on the pop star’s record-breaking Album Bad and worked closely with the star. He appeared on the show to reveal who Annie was.

When we were in the studio working, I noticed there was a green fiber glass case in the corner, so one day I asked him why it was there, and he said, ‘Oh that’s Annie,’ Forger said. Because when they teach CPR they have you address the CPR mannequin and that’s where the name Annie comes from.

He said that the doll is where the character emerged from.

Michael Jackson’s Former Sound Engineer Confirms Who Annie Was:

Entertainment attorney Chris Chatham, who helps stars and musicians protect their intellectual property rights, said that Jackson could have written Annie’s name 46 million times and she still wouldn’t have a claim as compensation goes to the author of the song or in this case, the singer’s estate as he died in 2009.

In short, Annie is allowed to continue to think that Smooth Criminal is about her all day but she is not due any money because the Jackson Estate owns the rights to the song. Sadly, the person who could clear up any misconceptions is Michael and he is no longer with us.

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