[Video] Woman Calls Taco Bell Cashier ‘Racist’ Because She Won’t Sell Her Fries

Posted On : 11/11/2017

OAKLAND PARK, FLORIDA — There are weird things and even weirder people in this world. And just like Walmart, Taco Bell apparently sees its fair share … such as this woman.


Florida is known to have some strange characters within its population. However, after encountering one particular restaurant patron, other customers had to jump in the conversation after she began claiming the cashier was “racist.”

At the start of the video, the conversation was already underway. You can hear the woman state she wants fries. After being informed they have no fries, she says, “You’re Burger King, but you don’t have fries?

The cashier calmly informs her that it’s not Burger King — but, instead, Taco Bell.

So then, the woman asks if she could have something like fries. The cashier mentions they don’t sell anything like fries.

[Video] Woman Calls Taco Bell Cashier 'Racist' Because She Won't Sell Her Fries I

***We’ll come back to that.***

Now flustered, the woman says, “This is racism at its f**king finest!

With that in mind, other customers come to the cashier’s defense — naming off the items TACO BELL has on its menu.

While she’s ridiculing that patron, another customer asked, “Would you go to Burger King and order a tilapia or taco??

Then, he says she’s “ignorant as f**k.”

[Video] Woman Calls Taco Bell Cashier 'Racist' Because She Won't Sell Her Fries II
At that point, she begins to have a slight breakdown.

Although the manager attempted to de-escalate the situation, the woman only ended up leaving the restaurant embarrassed and unserved.

You can check the video for yourself, below.

WARNING: The following video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


As strange (and absolutely non-racist) as this situation was — and whether she actually knew this or not, since she thought she was at Burger King — Taco Bell does serve fries at participating locations.

For example, according to Cosmopolitan, seasoned fries were briefly available at a location in Irvine, California. And they’re also adding new renditions at other locations.

So, she wasn’t all the way crazy, it seems. However, there was nothing racist about the situation as the woman claimed.

As aforementioned, only participating locations have the fries.

Yet, given her emotional state, they probably could’ve just served her cinnamon twists. They kind of look like fries, right?

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[Featured Photo via Tyler John / Facebook]

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