(Video) Two Women Turn The Houston Rockets Kiss Cam Into A Hilarious Dance Battle

Posted On : 01/24/2018

NBA basketball games are typically fun especially when the crowd is involved. One favorite part of NBA games is the kiss cam. The kiss cam is a way to lighten the game up as it takes place during arena, stadium, and court sporting events. It is intended as fun diversion to the main event during a time-out. A ‘kiss cam’ camera scans the crowd, and selects a couple as their images are then shown on the jumbotron screens in the arena. Not only are couples seen on the cam, but cameras pick up anybody in the audience that is entertaining. This was such the case at the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves game.

Sitting in separate sections, two unknown women dressed in red and blue turned the game out as they battled each other in a dance competition. It appeared to be the battle of the aunties as both ladies showed off their dance moves on the jumbotron as the crowd cheered them on.

The first dancer, wearing a red and black Houston shirt with a matching jacket, black pants, silver hooped earrings and a leather cap, was captured performing the Backpack Kid dance to Missy Elliot’s song Lose Control. However, the dancing didn’t end there. Another woman dressed in all black with a blue jacket showed off her dance moves as well. With her lips poked out, she pumped her fist in the air as the crowd cheered her on. You know it’s serious when your lips are poked out.

Apparently, the woman in red is often seen dancing on the jumbotron. While her name is unknown, sources say that she is a regular on the jumbotron and she never loses a dance battle. The woman dressed in blue is Megan and she is the girlfriend of Indianapolis Eyewitness News sports anchor Jason Spells.

With Salt-N-Pepa playing in the background, the camera flashes back to the first woman who has accepted the challenge from her place in the stands. Each woman is given their own time on the camera as the battle ensues. Not wanting to be outdone, the women take turns breaking it down as the camera is only focused on the two of them. Eventually, the clip ends  and shifts to a different fan trying to show off his moves but he is clearly no match for the two. Instead of watching the game, the two women are so entertaining that you don’t want it to end. According to Spells, his girlfriend Megan won the battle. However, Spells and a lot of other people are hoping that the women go on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon for another dance battle as their video has gone viral.

Check it out below! Who do you think won?

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