(Video) Tragic Details On How 2 Murdered Children Have A Connection

Posted On : 11/13/2017
Laylah Washington (left) and Robin Keefer (right) both died before the age of 3.

When news spread that 1 year-old Robin Keefer was shot, the community of Memphis was outraged. It wasn’t that long ago when another Memphis toddler died of a gun shot wound. Last June, 2 year-old Laylah Washington was shot as she drove in the car with her mother.  Tragically, she didn’t survive the shooting. Like Laylah, Robin was critically injured and died from her injuries as well.  The mother of Laylah Washington, Leslie Washington, spent time with Robin Keefer a week before her death.

Gone Too Soon:

Two-year-old Laylah Washington laid in a hospital bed the day after being shot in the head during an apparent road rage incident.

Memphis mother, Leslie Washington, is still grieving the loss of her 2 year-old daughter, Laylah Washington.
On June 11th, shortly after leaving the dollar store with her kids in the car, the Washington family was suddenly the target of gunfire. Two-year-old Laylah was shot in the head and rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in extremely critical condition. Washington was furious as she believed the gunman was the man from the Subway parking lot that she argued with. Prior to the shooting, Leslie Washington argued with a man in the parking lot of Subway as he almost hit her car. While the family was hopeful that Laylah would pull through, she died from her injuries.

Leslie Washington recently spoke with Memphis news station, WREG, about the heartache she experienced after she learned of 1 year-old Robin Keefer’s death. After learning that Robin had been shot, Leslie began to relive the pain she experienced after her own daughter died from a gun shot wound.

It’s happening every day. It’s not just my baby, this could be someone else’s baby, Washington said.

A week before Keefer’s death, Leslie Washington spent time with her.

Robin was just over here four or five days ago. She is my niece’s sister, Laylah’s mother, Leslie Washington.

Robin Keefer pictured with her sister, Raiterriona Washington

Robin Keefer had recently celebrated her 1st birthday. Described as a “good baby” by her family members, Robin was a happy child that was known for her beautiful smile. Her family is in disbelief that Robin lost her life at such a young age. Around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning at a Memphis apartment, Robin Keefer had been accidentally shot by a 3-year-old sibling with 25 year-old Shawn Moore’s gun. It’s unclear of Moore’s connection to Keefer as well as it is unclear why the gun wasn’t placed in a safe location. Keefer was rushed to LeBonheur Children’s hospital but doctors were unable to save her.

It’s like a nightmare, it’s like a dream I can’t wake up out of, says the child’s great aunt Wanda Keefer to Local Memphis.

Initially, Moore fled the scene. However, Moore turned himself in to police Friday. Shawn Moore has been charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide, Convicted Felon in Possession of a handgun, and Tampering with evidence. While police have someone in custody for Robin’s death, Laylah Washington’s case remains unsolved.

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