(Video) Teen Gets White Supremacists Friends To Help Her After She Allegedly Murdered Her Grandfather

Posted On : 01/14/2018
Savanna Marie Jennings

Savannah Marie Jennings lived with her grandfather, 86 year-old Otha Perrin. Perrin was a retired school bus driver along with being an elder deacon at Bethel Grove Baptist, Elberton’s oldest African American Church. Perrin was Jennings grandfather by marriage as she was the biological granddaughter of Perrin’s wife. When she died a few years ago, Jennings remained with Mr. Perrin. Church members said he loved and nurtured Savannah Jennings like family. It is hard to understand why she chose to murder him.

She Murdered Her Grandfather:

After her grandmother passed away, 19 year-old Savannah Jennings continued to live with her 86 year-old step-grandfather, Otha Perrin. On Sunday, Jennings reported him missing and it surprised many of his church and family members.  Otha Perrin’s niece, Myra Perrin, wasn’t buying Jennings’ story about her uncle missing so she contacted the police. Myra Perrin told FOX 5 News her family has lived next door to her uncle for decades and it wasn’t like him to not be home.

After they talked to myself and my uncle and his wife they brought Savannah in and that’s when she broke down and really told them what happened, said Myra Perrin to Fox 5. They did recover his body and that he had been shot and they couldn’t tell us anything else, said Perrin.

Upon being questioned by the police, Jennings  broke down and confessed to shooting Perrin saying she got help from her friend, 19 year-old William David Peterson. In addition to her friend Peterson, another teen, 18 year-old Dakota Scott Street was arrested and charged in connection to the alleged cover-up of Perrin’s death. Sources say that Street and Peterson are alleged white supremacists.

Savanna Marie Jennings allegedly asked her white supremacist friends, Dakota Scott Street and William David Peterson to aide her in hiding her grandfather’s body.
Otha Perrin’s body was discovered in a pond on a private farm. Perrin’s body was recovered at a farm near a church. The elderly man had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Police revealed that a .22 caliber rifle was discovered nearby as well. When Jennings reportedly cried and admitted to murdering her grandfather, however, police have yet to reveal a motive. Pastor Dwight Foster with Bethel Grove Baptist Church shared with Fox 5 that Perrin tried his best to take care of his granddaughter.
He treated her well and was very nice to her. Nobody deserves to have been shot in the back of the head and then thrown into a lake. We lost a deacon and not only a deacon but we lost a friend, said Pastor Foster.
Otha Perrin

 Jennings and Peterson have been arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault and concealing a death. Street only faces a single charge of concealing the death of another. Bond was denied for both Jennings and Peterson on Wednesday. Street’s bond was set at $25,000.

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