[VIDEO] Speak! Don Lemon Sets Twitter Ablaze W/ Brutally Honest Comments About Trump

Posted On : 01/12/2018

Don Lemon has never been one to hold back. So, when he decided to share his brutally honest opinion of Donald Trump, he left no stone unturned. In fact, the CNN anchor’s gut-punching words were so real he set Twitter ablaze. In a nutshell, Lemon has taken freedom of speech to a whole new level. Now, fans everywhere are applauding Lemon for saying what many people are afraid to say about Trump.

Draggin’ Trump To Hell:

Like many Americans, Don Lemon wasn’t pleased with Trump’s statements about some of the poorest countries in the world. So, for the first time ever, he decided to say exactly what he thinks of Trump. While on air, Lemon actually called Trump a racist. But he didn’t stop there. He also criticized the Americans still supporting him despite his lack of professionalism and inability to effectively lead the country. While we all know The Donald has found himself in hot water several times since he was elected, his recent blunder is probably one of the worse by far.

Check out Don Lemon’s video:

The Tweet Fire:

Shortly after Don Lemon’s segment aired, social media networks nearly exploded as fans shared their reactions to the news anchor’s jaw-dropping statements. Many fans commended Lemon for speaking the truth with no reservations. Lemon made it very clear that freedom of speech is alive and well.


Trump Supporter Irony:

Don Lemon’s comments came shortly after Donald Trump made headlines for his completely careless statement about poor countries. For those who missed that fiasco, Trump was quoted during a meeting calling poor countries “s***hole countries” and people definitely weren’t pleased. Of course, Trump supporters have slammed Don Lemon but ironically, none of them see the problem with Trump’s statement. Once again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there’s a level of professionalism Americans expect the POTUS to have and Trump just doesn’t have it. Regardless of how Trump supporters feel, it is what it is. Kudos to Don Lemon for speaking the truth.

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