Video Shows Dad Who Worked 3 Jobs Surprising His Daughter With Her Dream Dress!

Posted On : 07/28/2018

Ricky Smith is a hardworking father who worked 3 jobs to ensure that his daughter was ready for her 8th grade dance. Putting his daughter first, Ricky Smith surprised his baby girl and her heartwarming reaction was caught on camera.

Just to give you a heads up, you may begin doing the ugly cry after reading this story and watching the video associated with it.

Video Shows Dad Who Worked Three Jobs To Buy Daughter A Dress For Her 8th Grade Dance:

A young lady was looking forward to attending her eighth grade dance and she wanted to have the perfect dress. Excited, the young lady asked her father, Ricky Smith, if he could purchase the dress. At that time, Smith told his daughter that he couldn’t afford to get her the dress. What the young lady didn’t know is that her father was determined to get her what she wanted even if it took working three jobs.

Unbeknownst to her, the young lady stopped by one of her father’s job with her mother, Kellie Fleming. As the sat quietly waiting, cameras was rolling as Rickey Smith approached his daughter with a garment bag in his hand. Fleming knew that Smith worked hard to surprise their daughter and she wanted to catch the heartwarming moment on film. When Smith finally reached his daughter, she didn’t realize that her dad had purchased the dress until he unzipped the bag. As Smith opened it up and his daughter realizes it’s the dress she really wanted, she goes into shock, stands up, and hugs her dad for a while. Crying tears of joy, Smith held his daughter as it is clear that his baby girl loves her daddy.

Fleming along with Style Exchange Boutique shared the video to social media and it has gone viral. The video is a perfect example that there are still some good fathers out there. Most importantly, it shows the beautiful bond of fathers and daughters.

See The Touching Moment Below:

The video has been shared and praised by many including celebrities such as Erica Campbell. What is so touching about the video is that clearly the young lady is excited about the dress but she is overwhelmed with love for her dad. She even pushed the dress aside so that she could show love to her father. Someone grab the tissues!

Here Are Some Of The Reactions To The Video Below:

I think what I love most in this is where she seems to realize that the real gift is her amazing dad. She just keeps hugging him.

Ricky Smith. You are what we fathers strive for. Coming from a black father we have a bad rap. But you and I dont fall in that. We care love protect are lil girls. You see cover pic thats just 2 of my daughters. I go to the end of the earth and back to see them smile. Keep doin your thing. RESPECT!

Great job Dad!! She will never forget that moment! I’m also lucky to have a father of the same caliber as you, he has always made every effort to make sure all the special moments like this were possible!

To top it off, Style Exchange Boutique posted a picture of the young lady in her gorgeous dress.

Simply Beautiful!

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