(Video) See The Heartwarming Moment Where A Father & Son Were Reunited After 37 Years

Posted On : 10/08/2017
Lamarr Mainor

Lamarr Mainor’s life hasn’t always been easy but he’s working to change that. Once incarcerated, Mainor wants to spend the rest of his life building relationships with his family and bettering the lives of children. For starters, Mainor recently reunited with his father after 37 years of being apart.

Here’s What Happened:

Lamarr Mainor’s life hasn’t always been easy. The Cleveland native moved to California at the young age of 8 and discovered that he had a love for sports. In school, Mainor excelled in sports but struggled with his academics. Because his grades suffered, Mainor missed an opportunity to go play college baseball. After high school, Mainor made a bad decision that led to him being arrested. It’s unclear how much time Mainor served for the first prison sentence. However, he went to jail for a second time and was sentenced to 15 years.

Lamarr Mainor started a non-profit organization called Brave Cats.

After spending several years in prison, Mainor decided that he wanted to turn his life around. According to Brave C.A.T.S., Lamarr spent the last 9 years of his prison sentence in San Quentin State Prison becoming a better man.

San Quentin had programs, and classes that taught inmates how to change their lives. They had all these volunteers coming in from colleges who just wanted to help. They cared enough to make other people care, Mainor stated on the Brave Cats website.

While in San Quentin, Mainor decided that he loved working with at-risk youth. Not only was he impacting the lives of children but they impacted his life as well. Many of the youth that Mainor worked with grew up without a father. He too could relate to that.

Lamarr Mainor loves working with kids to show them how to become successful, productive, accountable, members of society.

Recently, Mainor shared on his Facebook page that he’s had a rough year. He revealed that a close friend of his passed away in December of 2016. In addition to losing a close friend, his health worsened which caused him to quit his job. Currently, Mainor’s life’s purpose is to make an impact on the lives of children, however, he almost lost his non-profit organization. Thankfully, Mainor has people in his life that care about him. To add some sunshine to his gloomy year, some important women in his life, his current girlfriend and ex-wife, decided to give him an unforgettable birthday present. Lamarr Mainor was reunited with his father after being apart for 37 years.

See The Touching Moment Below:

Lamarr reuniting with his dad is a living example that time heals all wounds. While we don’t know why these men were apart for all these years, the important part is that they’re together now.

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